Red Dirt Heart

Red Dirt Heart

Red Dirt Heart Red Dirt, Book 1


Sutton Station, while fictional, is based on a real working station by the name of Lucy Creek Station, in the Northern Territory, Australia.

A link to “Sutton Station” on Google Maps (zoom in to have a proper look)

Makes the RED DIRT part of the title pretty obvious, yes? ;)

Sutton Station is big. As in 2.58 million acres big. Roughly the size of a small country (Lebanon, for example) and is approximately three times the size of the largest ranch in the US.


There is a glossary for Australian terminology at the beginning of the book. Australians are renowned for nicknames and shortening of every day words. As this book is based in Australia and has Australian characters, regional lingo is used.

Australian Terminology Glossary:

Station: Farm, ranch.

Paddock: Large fenced area for cattle; a pasture.

Holding yard: Corral.

Swag: A canvas bedroll.

Ute: Utility pick-up truck.

Motorbike: Motorcycle, dirtbike.

Akubra: Australian cowboy hat.

Scone: American sweet biscuit, usually eaten with cream and jam.


Getting to know a little more about these boys…


Five foot ten inches tall, stocky build and brown eyes. Born and raised on Sutton Station, he spent three years in Sydney at college but came back to the family farm when his father died.

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