Deleted Scenes and Outtakes

Friendly Author Plea: I can’t stop anyone from adding these outtake to Goodreads, however, I would REALLY appreciate it if these outtakes don’t end up there.

I would extra-really-appreciate-it-with-cherries-on-top if you do not add any covers/banners/art for these outtakes, you do NOT have licencing rights to, to Goodreads either (including fan art with pictures/photographs downloaded off the internet you have not purchased, and putting my name on it – I’d rather not get sued, thanks).

Elements of Retrofit

This outtake, a rewrite of the beginning of Elements of Retrofit, was written for the 2015 re-released edition, but never made the cut.

It is now a free-read, to remain as such, on my blog. It is not to be copied, sold, downloaded. The Thomas Elkin Series and characters, property of N.R. Walker, appear courtesy of Pride Publishing.

Sixty Five Hours Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Starting Point

Scene takes place a year after series finished

3000 words

Matthew Elliot POV

What They Say

N.R. Walker


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