Paul Morgan has been running his luxury camping tour business in Kakadu National Park for the last five years. Taking small groups glamping, hiking, climbing, and swimming. It’s been a busy five years, a hard five years, as he tried to forget the man he left behind.

Derek Grimes pushes people away—a self-preservation reflex. Because they can’t break his heart if he breaks theirs first, right? Five years on, lost and lonely, he tracks down the one and only love of his life. Maybe seeing how Paul had moved on will help Derek move on too . . .

Paul can’t believe it when a familiar name pops up on his client list, and Derek can’t believe how good Paul looks, or just how happy living his dream job has made him. The spark between them never waned, but five years on, they’ve learned a few things about themselves and what they want.

They could have everything they ever dreamed of—if they’re prepared to trust each other. Because a second chance at first love comes but once in a lifetime.

New Storm Boys Series coming soon! 

The 2022 Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards were announced, and I’m so thrilled to have won such great awards!


I won nine awards in total!


All-Time Favorite M/M Romance 3rd place Red Dirt Heart

Best Blue Collar 2nd place Davo

Best Cover Art 1st place Davo

Best Enemies to Lovers 3rd place The Kite

Best Military/Intelligence Officer/Spies 3rd place The Kite

Best Performance/Visual Arts 2nd place Code Blue

Best Short Story 1st place Dearest Malachi Keogh

Best Virgins 1st place Learning Curve

Best White Collar 2nd place Davo


I’m honoured and very grateful to all my readers! Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted, and thank you to everyone who has bought, read, and reviewed my books!


Next Release February 23rd 2023!

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