Blind Faith Series
Blind Faith
Through These Eyes
Blindside: Mark’s Story
Twelfth of Never

Cronin's Key Series
Cronin’s Key
Cronin’s Key II
Cronin’s Key III 
Cronin’s Key IV (Kennard’s Story)

Gay Sex Club Series
Gay Sex Club Stories
Gay Sex Club Stories 2

Imago Series
Red Dirt Heart Imago

Red Dirt Heart Series
Red Dirt Heart
Red Dirt Heart 2
Red Dirt Heart 3
Red Dirt Christmas
Red Dirt Heart 4
Red Dirt Heart Imago

Spencer Cohen Series
Spencer Cohen
Spencer Cohen Series, Book Two
Spencer Cohen Series, Book Three
Yanni’s Story

Thomas Elkin Series
Elements of Retrofit
Clarity of Lines
Sense of Place

Turning Point Series
Point of No Return
Breaking Point
Starting Point


Nothing Found

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