• Vida

    I bought your “Ten in the Bin” and I loved it. While I read, I thought ‘gosh, I hope she has more m/m books published because I am in love with her writing.’ Imagine my delight when I get to the end and you have a blog. I of course immediately head to your blog and my eyes just gravitate to the free reads. I was intrigued by the title Sixty Five Hours and start reading. I didn’t stop or get up or leave my phone until I was completely utterly finished with every single word. When I started reading the scene where Cameron’s dad walks in, I teared up and when Mr. Fletcher hugs him, I can feel a tear running down my face. I can tell you right now Mrs. Walker that I’ve never teared up just by reading a story. When I finished it, I wanted to read more about them, about their lives now. Then I saw ‘His Grandfather’s Watch’ and again was intrigued. I started reading and when I read about Cal’s grandfather and Billy I started once again tearing up. Then when I got to the end and I saw you had written their story out and that you had described those feelings and thoughts so clearly I started crying, I literally couldn’t see my screen or the words and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend thought I was crazy. What I’m trying to say is that even if your work is fiction, you touched my heart with your words because I felt like I was there like I was cheering Luke on and like I was telling Trent to see Nathan didn’t want to leave him like I was hoping Cal found out about his grandfather. Keep writing please and creating more perfect and frustrating and loving world’s for those two special men that are soul mates because you’re doing a damn fine job of it so far. Thank you for reading this.

    • nrwalker

      Wow, Vida, thank you sooo much! I am so glad you enjoyed my stories. 🙂 I have another seven books coming out between now and March 2014, hopefully and 8th and 9th book as well, but we’ll have to see how real life plays out. But there’s plenty more words more coming, I promise 🙂

      Thanks again for reading!


    • nrwalker

      There is more to come! The sequel to Point of No Return, titled Breaking Point, is due out in about four weeks 🙂 I’m currently writing the third book in the Turning Point series, so it will be a while away yet.

      I do intend to write a fourth book in the Blind Faith series (a sequel to Mark’s book, Blindside) but it’s down on my list of things to write 😉

      Thanks for saying hi.


  • Lungu Irina

    I had read Breaking point series and I absolutely loved the characters. But then I came across Red dirt heart and if I had thought I couldn’t love more your books, this series proved me wrong. I feel the need to take my hat off on front of you and to tell you how much I love all your characters who are so well-defined and as riveting as they could be. You are a real master of emotions and I get so absorbed in your books that I somehow wish I could be there, in the middle of the action, that’s how gripping your writing is. Can’t wait to read more!

  • JP

    I just read Learning to Feel, and it was excellent. Loved the expression of feelings through art. It’s now one of my favorites from you, which is saying something since I’ve read probably 10 of your books and really liked or loved them all.

    I’m curious, I know this was rewritten fanfiction, what previous work inspired these characters if you don’t mind sharing? Thanks.

  • Santa

    Now, it is embarrassing how much I just cried over ‘His grandfather’s watch’…more at Billy and Hale story. But thank you for writing such beautiful stories. They heal poor souls…thanks.

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