The 2020 Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards were announced, and I’m so very honoured to say I was chosen for the 2020 Hall of Fame.

Other awards were as follows:

Hall of Fame
2nd Best Performance/Visual Arts for Throwing Hearts
2nd Best Contemp/mainstream for Pieces of You 
2nd Best Fantasy for Lacuna 
2nd Best Hurt Comfort for Pieces of You
3rd Best cover for Lacuna 

I’m honoured and very grateful to all my readers! Thank you all so much!


I’m so very proud to announce that I was voted the 2019 All-Time Favourite M/M Author at the Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards.

Other awards include:

1st Best Mystery for Tallowwood
1st Best Action-Suspense for Tallowwood
1st Best Law Enforcement for Tallowwood
1st Best White Collar for Upside Down
1st Best BDSM for SIR
2nd Best Hurt-Comfort for The Hate You Drink
3rd Best Humorous for Upside Down
3rd Best Narration for Galaxies and Oceans

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted, and thank you to everyone who has bought, read, and reviewed my books!


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