• Hop Against Homophobia

    Intolerance of any kind really irks me.  Not just homophobia, but racism, sexism, religious discrimination and even people who hate on other people for the types of books they like, the movies they watch, the music they listen to, or the people they admire.

    To me, hate will always be hate, no matter how poorly it’s disguised. Using religious or moral beliefs isn’t a reason for homophobia.  It’s an excuse.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t see the difference…

    Love is love…

    It’s no secret that I wrote Fanfiction prior to writing Original Fiction. I wrote both het and m/m stories, and received a lot reviews from readers who loved my stories.

    There is one review that has stayed with me…

    This particular reader reviewed to tell me she’d read my het stories, and unknowingly stumbled into one of my m/m stories.  But she kept on reading, and she told me how gay people from her generation were quite often shunned and/or lived in denial.  This reader then told me she was 71 years old, and how she’d never thought of two men being in love before, how it was love like any other, and she could see that now. 

    And then she thanked me for opening her eyes to it.  

    And when there were days I wondered why I bothered writing at all, I’d think of this review, and how maybe, just maybe, if I changed one person’s view on love, then it was all worthwhile.

    ~~ ** ~~ 

  • Sin

    This morning I agreed to submit a story for the Love is Always Write entry on goodreads. 🙂  There was an orphaned prompt, I saw the first picture and couldn’t NOT write it. 

    I have four weeks to write it, edit and submit it. I’ve titled it Sin.

    The prompt, from the very imaginative D, was this…

    My name is Sin. That’s what he calls me. I am a Dychiiop. We are a race of people who transmogrify into more than one form. I come from a place known as Auhin. We are a peaceful planet and people. An asteroid struck my ship, damage irreparable, mission aborted. Setting off alarms, shutting down sections of the ship along with the backups, I could do nothing but make it to safety and shift into another form and suspend while the ship spiraled out of control. My ship crash-landed on what I thought was a deserted place. I made it out with minor cuts as I made it to safety from the crash. I sat there in shock and watched my ship burn to nothing. All communications to my home planet, lost, gone. Gone was my link to everything I knew. This is the first time that I have ever felt so alone. What a strange place to be lost in. I found shelter from the elements and settled in to rest and recover. Shortly thereafter, I detected someone watching me. So close, so very close…

    …I was captured and imprisoned by this man. They call him Von.

    He is a sadistic human who continues to conduct cruel experiments on us. I am imprisoned in a place somewhere underground where the light is false. It is cold here, an unnatural cold. The experiments have left me unable to fully shift. It is too painful to be awake most of the time, too painful to sleep for the nightmares. I am in limbo. I am not alone here. I hear others. There are rooms which hold beings that are part human and something else. I do not know. I hear screams, weeping, so much pain.

    There are four other humans (?) in white coats who get their orders from this Von human. I hear their whispers when he is away. They speak often of TradeCap or Sector 5. A sector where those who have genetically “Completed” end up. When you are sent there, you do not return. —I miss my home, my people. I hate it here. Am I to continue to suffer a fate worse than death at the hands of this insane human? I’ve been on this god forsaken planet for a few months? Weeks, who knows? How do I get out? 

    My name is Rhys Denali Delacroix. I was born a lion shifter. I belong to an elite organization that rescues and protect shifters of all kinds. Our undercover missions infiltrate the worst offenders who otherwise have the money and means to slip under the radar and bureaucratic red tape to carry out their experiments. This is the worst I’ve seen yet. I wear one of the white coats. I oversee Sector 7 where Sin is housed.

    The first time I laid eyes on Sin a few months ago, there was no doubt in my mind that he is to be with me. Since then I’ve craved Sin like my next breath. Fuck! I’ve never met anyone like him before. I can only watch him from afar without blowing my cover. Why now? Shit! Couldn’t this happen at any other time? I’ve kept him in a state of suspension. I cannot bear to hear his screams. But I have to be careful. I have to find a way to keep him safe and bide my time. Von has become suspicious of my movements in the lab. He may be on to me. He’s had a possessive eye on Sin from the very first day and it has been full of lust ever since.  

    See, what I mean about Sin?  The first picture and then the first line of, “My name is Sin” and I was a goner. 😉

    The story I was researching, Blind Faith (details on my What’s Next page) is on temporary hold and I will continue with it immediately after Sin is completed. 

  • Three’s Company

    So I re-did the ending to my poly.  I wasn’t happy with it, at all.  It’s now 54k instead of 46k and is now titled Three’s Company, not Three is not a Crowd. 

    I’m much happier with it now, and can’t wait to get it submitted.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me…