• Best Romance of 2012

    Both of my stories, Point of No Return and Taxes and TARDIS have been nominated in the Best Romance of 2012 list on Goodreads!!!!You can vote now!  As of 23 August, Taxes and TARDIS was at 45 and Point of No Return was at 47!!!  Let’s see how well these can boys can do…  🙂 Goodreads Best m/m Romance of 2012 list

  • Interviews!!!

    So I’ve done some interviews for the release of Point of No Return…http://www.bellaleonebooks.com/ http://laynefaire.blogspot.com.http://kerryfreeman.comhttp://authorsamcauley.wordpress.com Thank you sooooo much for having me, Ladies!!   I really appreciate your time and effort. <3 

  • Point of No Return Excerpt

    Excerpt (as on the Silver Publishing site) The four of us hit the gym like we always did after a stressful day and were met by a round of applause from the other cops who were there working out. One of the TV screens was showing the five o’clock news, and they were watching the four of us standing outside the West Street headquarters. A reporter introduced the story. “Breaking another link in one of LA’s biggest drug chains, ex-Croat Pavao Tomic was taken down in what can only be described as a failed drug heist.” I waved them off, heading straight for the treadmills. I didn’t need to watch…

  • AND THE WINNER IS… Yvette!! How did I choose a random reviewer, you ask??I had 26 reviews, and asked my 10 year old daughter to pick a number between 1 and 26.  She picked 9, so I took the 9th reply.   And Presto!!Yvette, I have your email address and will forward you a copy of Point of No Return on the 18th!!Thank you all who took part in the blog-hop!!  

  • Starting From Scratch – RJ Scott’s Anniversary Blog Hop

    I’m participating in RJ Scott’s blog hop, celebrating her two year anniversary of writing m/m. 🙂So, I’ve titled my post Starting From Scratch…Because that’s what I did.I started from scratch.It’s no surprise I wrote fanfiction prior to original fiction, and I’ve found a LOT of other authors did too, once upon a time, in a range of different fandoms. For me, it was how I learned and grew as a writer. I started out writing m/f and then found m/m (slash) and never looked back.  But in starting to write original fiction and having my first works published this year, I have realized something…I didn’t know the first thing about writing.So…

  • Interview!

    I was asked by the ever so lovely Kerry Freeman to do an interview!  The link is HERE!  Thanks again to Kerry, who was wonderful enough to have me 🙂