• Blog Tour – Morticia Knight

    Day 1 Today I’m at the lovely Morticia Knight’s blog talking about my new release Breaking Point which hits Amazon and ARe today!  For a full list of all Blog Tour stops: Morticia Knight – http://morticiaknight.blogspot.com.au/ Lisabet Sarai – http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com.au/ S. Dora – http://sdora.wordpress.com/ West Thornhill – http://wthornhillauthor.blogspot.com.au/ Ashe Barker – http://ashebarker.com/ HK Carlton – http://pickagenrealready.blogspot.ca/ Nancy Adams – http://fancynancyadams.wix.com/erotic-nancy-adams C.A. Szarek – http://www.caszarekwriter.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 Desiree Holt – http://www.desireeholt.com/  

  • I have a new logo!

    With the fabulous help from Impluvium Studio (you can visit her site at http://www.impluviumstudios.com/  or her page at  https://www.facebook.com/ImpluviumStudios )  we came up with a logo that symbolises me. After a little bit of fiddling, we took my signed initials (NRW) and added a TARDIS coloured blue heart, and we have this…   And a banner to use as well, varied a little but keeping in tune with who I am 🙂 I love them!  And from now on, these logo’s will be my signature image online. They are copyrighted and owned by me, and I’m super excited to share them!   

  • Long, Deep, but Quick! Guest post by Posy Roberts

    The challenges of writing a series are many. One of the hardest parts is finding the mojo to keep on going. Another is to remember all the little details ages after your head has been away from your story. I thought I’d avoided these two struggles by writing North Star all at once. But the details to remember when writing over 300,000 words are daunting. I set up story arcs in book 1, Spark, that aren’t going to be concluded until book 3, Flare (released January 13th). Fusion was released this week. This is the second book in my trilogy, and it is the entire reason I wrote this series…

  • Five Minutes with debut author A.E. Via

     Welcome to my blog!  Tell us about you. I’m a mother of four children: 18 yr old, 14 yr old, 11 yr old, and a 5 yr old. My kids and husband are fun and awesome.  When I’m not busy running my paralegal-for-hire business that I operate out of my home, I try to spend the time with them. My business does keep me pretty busy. I basically prepare and file complete bankruptcy petitions for people who can’t afford to hire an attorney…so needless to say, I stay pretty busy.  When did you start writing?  I actually began putting my thoughts on paper early last year.  What do you love…

  • Thomas Elkin 3 cover reveal!

    Sense of Place cover! I have to say, I’ve been truly blessed when it comes to covers, and the third and final cover for Thomas Elkin Series is no exception. It’s simply stunning.  The three Thomas covers are truly divine. The third book, Sense of Place The three of them together…