• What’s so not cool…

    I don’t usually post ranty, unhappy posts. But this needs saying.

    It was brought to my attention that my Elements of Retrofit outtake was added to Goodreads. *sigh* Okay, as much as it irks me, I can’t stop that. I did however, when posting that outtake, ask that it not be added, but whatever. Like I said, I can’t stop it.

    BUT THEN I realized that the cover of Elements of Retrofit had been defaced and added as the book cover!

    Like seriously, WTAF?

    Literally, the original cover was written over with the outtake title and posted as the cover…

    And that, my dear people, is so not cool.

    Just so we’re clear here, I do not own the rights to cover art of books owned by Pride Publishing.  I, being the author, can use said cover art for promotional work. I have express contractual permission to do that, including the outtake banner I made – which includes their cover.  Other people do not. Unless they’ve contacted Pride Publishing and said “Hey do you mind if I infringe on all copyright and licensing rights and write over the top of the original cover art and post it on Goodreads?” which I’m pretty sure they didn’t, because I’m pretty sure Pride Publishing would have laughed all the way to their legal team. Just sayin’.

    I have contacted a Goodreads librarian, who then very kindly had to contact a Super Librarian (they have capes and everything) to ask that the cover (and hopefully the “book”) be removed.

    So before you think it’ll be cool to go and waste a bunch of people’s time to deface a book cover and add it to GR, my very humble little piece of advice is, please don’t.

    And while we’re on the topic of using other people’s pictures/photographs (that you downloaded and/or didn’t purchase) for ‘fan-art’, that’s illegal too.  I guess it’s only a matter of time before someone in the m/m community gets made an example of and sued.  Using pictures found online is a tricky business, and I love a great piece of fan-art as much as the next person.  But the rule is simple:  don’t post what you don’t own. I buy most of my images for my promotional art for between $1 to $30, so if you don’t want to buy images, don’t do it.

    In case you were unaware of how these things work, I’ll leave a link to another blog for your perusal, courtesy of BlogHer.com.


    Or, alternatively, you can just Google “Can I get sued for using copyrighted pictures online?” and settle in to read the eleventy billion responses.

    But, as I said above, I can’t stop anyone from doing these things. I would just really REALLY appreciate it if people didn’t use pictures they don’t have rights to, especially when that picture has my name on it. I’d rather not have my name dragged through the mud when the copyright holder takes you to court, mmkay?

    On a much brighter, happier note, I hope everyone has a great week!

  • Cronin’s Key III Cover and Blurb!

    August has been hella busy for me. By the end of the month, I will have had FIVE re-releases, plus one print release. But it doesn’t end there!  I also have the cover of Cronin’s Key III to show off!!

    So without further adieu, I give to you the third and final book in the Cronin’s Key series <3

    CroninsKey3NRWalker (2)


    History isn’t always what it seems…

    Twelve months after his change, Alec MacAidan is still getting used to his many vampire talents. While most vampires would give anything to have more than one supernatural power, Alec craves nothing more than peace and time alone with Cronin. But when Alec meets entities from outside this realm, he’s left powerless in their presence.

    Zoan are half-lycan, half-dragon creatures that have slipped through time and reality, seemingly undetected by man and vampire. Or have they? They bear an uncanny resemblance to gargoyles, leaving Alec’s view on all things weird to get a whole lot weirder.

    This new quest leads Alec, Cronin, and their band of friends to Paris, Rome, and Moscow, where they learn that gargoyles aren’t simply statues on walls. In the underground pits beneath churches all over the world, Alec discovers the Key’s true destiny. Facing the Zoan might take every talent he has. And he may need help from the dead to get them all out alive.

    fb art


  • Clarity of Lines Re-release Day!!



    The new version of Clarity of Lines is now out!!  The additional content is a 2K word chapter in Cooper’s POV, and it’s only 99c this week!  <3

    You can buy it at Pride Publishing HERE





  • Elements of Retrofit Re-release!


    The new version of Elements of Retrofit is out! And it’s FREE for this week only!!

    You can get it free at Pride Publishing’s site HERE

    At the end of Chapter 12, there is a short 2K word chapter from Cooper’s POV.   In the next book, Tom mentioned taking Cooper to an art museum… well, this is that scene.

    I am also Pride Publishing’s featured author this month!  And have done a short post on Pride’s blog to celebrate!  You can check it out HERE


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