Good Morning Monday ~ US Trip Countdown: One Month To Go

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It’s one month until we leave for the US.  This holiday has been coming for months, and I’d put it in my “it’s ages away” brain basket and now, as my daughter just reminded me, it’s only four weeks away.

For the most part, I think I’m organised.  Doing a four-person family, five week trip across the US is a bit daunting, but exciting for the most part. But not only do I have all that to plan/organise/do/try and enjoy, I also have GRL to plan for. So whatever I need to organise for GRL, also needs to happen in the next four weeks or it doesn’t happen.  So while I remember…

Please note, if you’re going to GRL and want signed paperbacks from me, you MUST fill out THIS FORM.

I will then order the book/s required and will organise shipping to the US to have them at GRL for you. I can’t/won’t have any other books with me.

Now, what was I’m saying. Oh, that’s right… I’m getting through my to-do list, slowly but surely.  I’ve been mowed down by some horrid headcold flu type thing that has knocked me for a six. But, I did manage to finish my WIP.  Hoorah!!


The Weight Of It All came in just under 64K words, though no doubt after pre-reader feedback and edits, it will go over that.  My sister, who is a pre-reader of mine, said the MC, Henry, is “the most me” character I’ve ever written. In other words, there is a lot of me in Henry, and I’ve quite often said in my Facebook Reader’s Group, that everything Henry says to his fitness instructor is something I have said to mine. LOL

I love Henry to pieces, and Reed, his new love interest is just adorable. He’s a big sweetie, and is completely perfect for Henry.  <3

Speaking of fitness instructors, I’ve been just too sick to go to Crossfit this week. I did Monday night, then woke up Tuesday and felt like I’d been hit by a bus and I feel a bit slack for not going this week. I’ve also had a houseful of guests all weekend, which hasn’t helped at all. Here’s hoping things get better this week.

My to-do list this week includes: a thousand non-work related things, writing two blurbs (one for The Weight Of It All, and one for Perfect Catch) finalising the cover to The Weight Of It All and showing it off to the world.  I will also have some pre-read edits to do, then will send the manuscript to my editor so she can commit commacide to it LOL.  I don’t know if I’m crazy, but I am going to try and get this book out before I leave.

I think (and this is a very big leap of faith) that Sept 15 will be the release date. I’ll be cutting it fine. That’s the day we actually leave for Sydney to fly out, but I figure I can upload it the day before if need be. In saying that, there might not be pre-orders for this one… it will depend on how I’m going for time.

That’s all for today.  I hope you all have a great week!

Until then…


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