• Good Morning Monday! Can you believe it’s almost March already?


    I cannot believe how fast this year is going already!!

    And are you ready for this? I actually have no books scheduled to release in March… It’s like whaaaa?  LOL  I know, right?

    It’s been a crazy two months, and I’m looking forward to the slower pace to concentrate on writing. Releases are hard work, time consuming (and awesome) but they do cut into my writing time. Given that in the last eight weeks, I’ve had three new releases, (Switched, Perfect Catch, and Imago) and three translated title releases (RDH2 in French, Cronin’s Key II in French, Spencer Cohen Book 1 in Italian) and RDH2 in audio as well, it’s been HELLABUSY.

    The sequel to Imago should be out early-mid April, but until then I’ll have my head down with writing ALL the words 🙂

    Speaking of Red Dirt Heart 2 in audio…

    It won AUDIO OF THE MONTH at Open Sky Book Reviews!!!


    I’ve said it before, but the narrator Joel Leslie does an incredible job and totally deserves recognition for his work here. You can grab it at Amazon or iTunes or Audible

    As I mentioned above, Spencer Cohen Book One is now in Italian!!  I can’t believe these boys are being translated all over the world. It’s an incredible honour!


    You can find it at Amazon or at Triskell Rainbow!


    I can’t do a blog post this week without mentioning a very ENORMOUS thanks to everyone who has bought, read, and reviewed Imago. Jack and Lawson hit #1 in SEVEN countries, which is mind boggling for lil’ ol’ me.

    Actually, it did this:

    #1 in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Brazil, France
    #2 in Netherlands
    #3 in Japan

    I’m so very honoured and humbled by the people in this M/M community, and I just LOVE how global we are.

    For those who love a paperback, check out this GORGEOUS cover. Paperbacks are now available HERE.


    Some very exciting news:

    I will be a featured author at GRL2017!

    Denver, Colorado, here I come!!  I should add a very seriously disclaimer to this though – my attendance will totally depend on the current US government’s level of craziness. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding.

    Until next week!  <3

  • Imago is NOW LIVE!!

    In what has been a record time from Amazon to publish (it literally took about 20 minutes), Imago is out now! Exclusive to Amazon/KU, you can find it HERE!



    Nerdy, introverted genius lepidopterist, Lawson Gale, is an expert on butterflies. He finds himself in a small town in Tasmania on a quest from an old professor to find an elusive species that may or may not even exist.

    Local Parks and Wildlife officer, Jack Brighton, is an ordinary guy who loves his life in the sleepy town of Scottsdale. Along with his Border collie dog, Rosemary, his job, and good friends, he has enough to keep from being lonely.

    But then he meets Lawson, and he knows he’s met someone special. There’s more to catching butterflies, Jack realises. Sometimes the most elusive creatures wear bow ties, and sometimes they can’t be caught at all.

    Lawson soon learns there are butterflies he can’t learn about it in books. They exist only in a touch, in a kiss, in a smile. He just has to let go first, so these butterflies can fly.

    Imago is the story of finding love, bow ties, and butterflies.

  • Good Morning Monday – It’s Imago time!!


    It’s release week!!  *twirls*  Cue the nerves and release day jitters, but I’m really excited for the world to meet Lawson and Jack!  They’re so super cute <3 Release days are always awesome but scary, and it messes with my productivity.

    In case you missed it, I did an interview with Lawson and Jack for a Valentine’s Day post for the lovely RJ Scott. I’ll include it here, so you can read..


    NR:  I’d like to welcome two very special people. Lawson Gale and Jack Brighton, from my next release, Imago. Please take a seat.

    *both men sit. Lawson looks around the room, taking in every detail. Jack just smiles. Lawson is wearing a blue button down chino shirt with a navy blue bowtie, navy trousers. His hair is perfect. Jack is wearing jeans, boots, and an old T-shirt. His scruffy hair is not perfect.*

    Lawson:  Hello.

    Jack: Hi. Nice to be here.

    NR:  Okay, so let me introduce you properly. People are yet to meet you, and they’re excited. Lawson, I’ll start with you.

    Lawson: *tries not to cringe and fails* If you must.

    NR: I must. You’re a lepidopterist. Can you explain to our readers what that is?

    Lawson:  I study butterflies and moths. Though I specialise in butterflies.

    NR: And this field of study takes you to Tasmania, were you met Jack.

    Lawson: *looks at Jack and smiles* Yes, that’s correct.

    Jack: *smirks*

    NR: And Jack, you work with the Parks & Wildlife. But that’s not where you met, was it?

    Jack: Nope. I met him on a plane from Melbourne to Launceston.

    Lawson: *his brow furrows* That’s not entirely correct. We saw each other on the plane. You laughed at me, remember? Then you tried to trample me into the aisle. We technically met at the airport in Launceston.

    Jack: *looks at Lawson with the patience of a saint*  Well, yes. But I didn’t laugh at you. I made a lame mental joke about jerking off.  *Lawson’s mouth falls open. Jack smiles* And I didn’t trample you into the aisle. I bumped into you, quite by accident.

    Lawson: *unamused* Casu consulto.

    Jack: *again with the patience of a saint thing*  And that means…?

    Lawson: It’s Latin for accidently on purpose.

    Jack: *sighs* I didn’t bump into you intentionally, but I’m glad I did.

    Lawson: *rolls eyes* Then you lied to me and told me the Museum in Launceston was on your way.

    Jack: That wasn’t exactly a lie. And anyway, I don’t regret it. Because it gave me an excuse to spend time with you.

    NR: *clears throat* So, um, what was your first impression of each other?

    Lawson: I thought he was a serial killer.

    NR: *blinks*

    Jack: It’s true. He did. My first impression of Lawson was that he was unlike any guy I’d ever seen before. Well, that and the bowtie. I was a goner.

    Lawson: *smiles at Jack* He likes suspenders too.

    Jack: *shifts in seat and clears throat* That’s true, also.

    NR: *looks at Lawson* You thought he was a serial killer but you went with him anyway? I thought you were supposed to be a genius?

    Lawson: *looks at Jack* I told you this would happen.

    Jack: *laughs loudly* He came with me because he needed a lift.

    Lawson: And he was cute. With a dimple when he smiled.

    NR: *nods slowly* A cute serial killer. Got it.

    Lawson: *peers at NR’s notepad* With a dimple when he smiled. You didn’t write that.

    NR: *amends interview*

    Lawson: *preens*

    Jack: *chuckles*

    NR: *looks at Jack* Let me guess. You find him endearing.

    Jack: *laughs* Completely.

    Lawson: I’m sorry, was there a point to this interview?

    NR: *clears throat* Yes, actually. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I was wondering what you two had planned…

    Jack: *blinks. Twice.*

    Lawson: *looks at Jack* Well?”

    Jack: *looks at Lawson* Well, what?”

    Lawson: What do you have planned?

    Jack: *puts hand to his chest* Why do I have to be the one to plan something?

    Lawson: *takes a moment to look duly offended* You haven’t organised anything?

    Jack: Not yet, but you know I will. *looks to NR for help*

    NR: *looks at Lawson, panic struck* This is true. Jack has organised some incredible dates in the past.

    Lawson: True… *smiles at Jack* The dates he’s taken me on have been remarkable.

    NR: Shall we tell our readers any more on what happens in Imago?

    Jack: Yes, good idea.

    Lawson: Well, that would be redundant if you want them to read the book.

    NR: We won’t tell them everything. Just a little taste.

    *both Lawson and Jack blush*

    NR: Okay, so maybe ‘taste’ was the wrong word…

    Jack: *clears throat* Well, Imago takes place in Scottsdale, Tasmania.

    Lawson: Yes. And I stay in Jack’s hometown to search for a butterfly. That’s where the remarkable dates take place.

    NR: And what does Imago mean? It’s an unusual word.

    Jack: *sighs*

    Lawson: How is it unusual? To whose standard?

    NR: Mine.

    Lawson: *scowls* That’s hardly―

    Jack: I think she means it’s not a common word, to the uninitiated.

    Lawson: *turns to Jack* Why didn’t she say that?

    NR: *raises eyebrow at Jack* Is he still endearing?

    Jack: *laughs* Totally.

    Lawson: *ignores NR and sniffs*  Imago is the final and fully developed adult stage of an insect, typically winged.

    NR: That’s so apt!

    Lawson: Of course you’d say that. You named the book.

    NR: *shrugs* True. So tell me, have you guys met each other’s families yet?

    Jack: Nope. That happens in the sequel, right?

    Lawson: *leans in* He’s not nervous. How can he not be nervous?

    Jack: I don’t know why I’m not. I figure if you’re happy with me, they’ll be happy with me. I don’t know why you’re so nervous. I told you my folks’ll love you.

    Lawson: I tend to get off on the wrong foot with people. People think I’m strange.

    Jack: No they don’t. People love you.

    Lawson: *raises one eyebrow at Jack* Everyone I work with hates me.

    Jack: Because they’re mostly idiots. We’ve established this. Well, the people you used to work with. You don’t work with them anymore.

    Lawson: *tilts head thoughtfully* They had above average intelligence, so they weren’t actually idiots. But yes, they were…

    Jack: Idiots.

    NR: *snorts* And how’s the work going now, Lawson?

    Lawson: Very well. *frowns for a moment, then turns back to Jack* I’d like to revisit our earlier conversation pertaining to Valentine’s Day.

    Jack: *sighs*

    Lawson: I think I’d like to do something we’ve not done before.

    Jack: *smirk* And that is?

    Lawson: *smiles ridiculously* Guess.

    Jack: Rock climbing? Skiff sailing on Hobart Harbour? Horse riding?

    Lawson: *pales more with each suggestion* I was going to say dancing.

    Jack: *squints at Lawson* Dancing?

    Lawson: Yes, as in moves-to-music. You’ve not taken me dancing.

    Jack: *looks at NR, not amused* Dancing? I don’t know how I’ll ever thank you…

    Lawson: It wasn’t NR’s idea. It was mine.

    Jack: *takes Lawson’s hand* Lawson, I don’t dance. Well, actually, I can’t dance, more to the point.

    Lawson: Everyone can dance. The degree of ability is a factor on how well one dances, but everyone can dance. *seems to ponder a moment* I should add a disclaimer that being able-bodied is also a factor.

    Jack: *acts like this is normal conversation* Well, I am able-bodied…

    Lawson: *blushes* Yes, you are.

    Jack: But it’s my ability to dance that is sorely lacking.

    Lawson: I don’t believe you.

    Jack: Well, I’m sure there’s university footage of a Peter Garrett impersonation somewhere.

    Lawson: *blinks* Oh.

    Jack: *nods*

    Lawson: But I’m talking of slow-dancing.

    Jack: *looks horrified* Waltzing?

    Lawson: No, just slow dancing. *takes out phone and scrolls through screen*

    Jack: What are you doing? Are you Googling Peter Garrett dance impersonations?

    Lawson: *snorts* No.  *stands up and put phone on seat*

    Jack: Uh, Lawson.

    Lawson: *holds out hand to Jack*

    Jack: *is scared*

    Lawson: *waits with hand out for Jack*

    Jack: *sighs but takes Lawson’s hand and reluctantly stands*

    Lawson: *presses play on phone*

    <music starts to play>

    Jack: What song is this?

    Lawson: *pulls Jack close* Wicked Game, by James McMorrow. Now just put your arms around me, and move with me. Can you feel the beat?

    Jack: *does what Lawson says* I can feel something.

    Lawson: *chuckles*

    NR: *watches the two men slow dance, and stands up slowly* I’ll just be going…

    Jack: *nuzzles Lawson’s ear*

    Lawson: *runs hand down over Jack’s arse*

    NR: *is awkward* Right then. Thanks for your time…

    Lawson: *hums something to Jack*

    Jack: *chuckles*

    NR: *gets to the door* Maybe next time we can do an actual interview.

    Lawson: *still slow-dancing, looks up to Jack*

    Jack: *slowly pressed his lips to Lawson’s*

    NR: *opens door and walks out* Bloody characters. Never do what they’re supposed to.


    Hope you enjoyed 😉

    ~ YouTube version of Wicked Game they dance to…

    In other exciting news, Switched was awarded Book of the Month at Love Bytes Reviews!


    That makes two from two!!  Last month, The Weight of It All won Book of the Year, now Switched is Book of the month!  I’m so very honoured, for whomever nominated me and for everyone that voted, I am grateful and humbled. Thank you so much for your continued support!

    I’ll be back real soon with links to Imago when it goes live, but until next week…


  • Good Morning Monday! And the week that was…


    Another busy week!  I didn’t get as many words done on my WIP as I’d have liked but with admin stuff, errands and RL, it was all kinda uphill.

    For anyone who uses it, I now have a Google+ thingy. I’ve been super slack with it, but it’s set up now. Feel free to add me. My profile is HERE.

    Some exciting news: Last week I also signed contracts for FIVE, yes FIVE, titles to be done in audio with Tantor!

    The Cronin’s Key trilogy, The Weight Of It All, and Switched!

    It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, I had NONE of my books in audio. Now I have two and with another 12 months, I’ll have nine with another three scheduled to be done! Because after my narrator, Joel Froomkin, finishes with Red Dirt Heart Series, he’s going to bring Spencer Cohen to audio! *flails*

    So I also realise it’s about time I stop calling my current writing project “my WIP” or “the sequel to Imago” and let you guys in on the actual title…

    As you know, Imago is a very specific word to its origins, and coming up with a sequel name wasn’t easy. BUT as the Latin plural of imago is imagines – and this is the term generally used by entomologists – it only stands to reason that the sequel (making Imago plural) be called Imagines. 🙂

    Imagines has a cover already, and there will be a special reveal with Bayou Book Junkies, as I am currently their Author of the Month!  So stay tuned for that!!

    As part of RJ Scott’s Valentine’s Day special, I introduced Imago’s Lawson and Jack to the world in an interview. You can check it out HERE


    It’s just over a week until Imago comes out!  I’m so excited for you all to meet these two boys! 🙂

    But this week, I’m super excited because I’m flying to Sydney for a brief stopover to… are you ready?  To have lunch with Keira Andrews, of course!

    Eeeeek!  I’m super excited! I’m sure we’ll take some pics to share with all our readers!

    Also coming on the 27th Feb is a 99c deal for Switched. Follow me at BookBub to be notified!

    I’ll be back later this week to share an excerpt of Imago, but until then…


  • Thomas Elkin is on a limited sale ~ Reminder!


    Elements of Retrofit is now on special for just 99c for a limited time!!

    You can find it Amazon or at Pride Publishing

    This deal won’t last, so be quick!

    Clarity of Lines and Sense of Place are also on sale for $2.99 each.


  • Good Morning Monday! And Tom & Cooper are on sale!


    What’s new this week?  I’ve been writing, editing, and proofreading. So all in all, nothing new. LOL

    On a personal note, my kids have gone back to school and sporting obligations have also started. I’ve also committed myself to doing CrossFit 4-5 times a week. (Or I should be committed, given it’s been 40C all week I’m certain that makes me crazy LOL) Yes, it means sacrifice to some areas of my ‘free-time’, but I need to do this for me. It just means I need to be more organised with my time and stop procrastinating when it comes to my work hours. My writing schedule is hellabusy this year, so I’ve re-engaged my Internet block and won’t be on social media as much in the next few weeks. I have a job to do and deadlines to meet! Which means more books, so I’m guessing people won’t mind 😉


    In some exciting news, I am Author of the Month at Bayou Book Junkie!  I had fun with their interview, totally humbled by the lovely things other M/M folks had to say about me, and offered some insight into my writing.  My entire backlist will be in the spotlight throughout the month, starting with Spencer Cohen and The Weight Of It All and Perfect Catch, and a special cover reveal toward the end of the month! Stay tuned for that one!

    Have you met Tom and Cooper yet?

    Also this week, Elements of Retrofit (Thomas Elkin, Book One) is on sale!! Starting from February 7th, it will be just 99c!


    And also discounts for the rest of the series:
    Clarity of Lines   £1.99/$2.99/€2.99
    Sense of Place   £1.99/$2.99/€2.99

    You can find Elements of Retrofit on


    Pride Publishing


    A huge thank you to Pride Publishing for running the Bargain Booksy promotion!

    So, just a short one this time. But for those who like to keep up to date on my WIP progress, the sequel to Imago is now at 17K.  That’s it for now! Until next week…   <3

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