• Red Dirt Heart Imago… Say What????

    Yes, you read that correctly.  A SURPRISE RELEASE!!!

    Red Dirt Heart Imago is a thing! It’s an 18K word short story of when red dirt hearts and butterflies collide <3

    And look at this gorgeous cover!!!


    When Charlie Sutton’s neighbour Greg is notified by the Queensland government that they intend to run a pipeline through his property, Charlie vows to help him fight it. Then Travis remembers seeing butterflies at the creek near their joining fence line – the same butterflies they couldn’t find in any Australian butterfly book. Hopeful this might be their only chance to stop the development, they seek the help of a specialist.

    Lawson Brighton-Gale receives an email request to identify a butterfly in the Outback, only to discover it’s not an Australian butterfly at all. But that’s not all he discovers. The name on the request is familiar to Jack. An old friend from his university days, who also happened to be his old friend with benefits, Charlie Sutton.

    Years ago, two out-of-towners met at the University of Sydney. Both studying environmental sciences, both hundreds of miles from home, and both finding their worlds open to new experiences, they fell into bed together. Meeting again after all this time, in front of Lawson and Travis, won’t be awkward at all, right?

    Lawson and Jack’s trip to Sutton Station certainly doesn’t go to plan, and what they take back to Tasmania isn’t just butterflies, but a cocoon of possibilities.

    A Red Dirt Heart and Imago crossover ~ The story of when red dirt and butterflies collide.





    B&N, iBooks, Kobo to follow asap!

  • Good Morning Monday ~ And what a week it was

    These Mondays are just coming too damn fast! This year is just flying, and some days I feel as if I’m barely keeping my head above water (while the words ‘just keep swimming’ pay on loop in my head).

    So this was an interesting week… Imagines came out! And because I have the most incredible readers on the planet, it went straight to Number One in Gay Romance!!  In the first 24 hours, Imagines was #1 in 6 countries!  I’ll never not be amazed, and truly humbled. If you’ve bought, read, reviewed, whatever, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    You can find Imagines at Amazon.

    As you may or may not know, an ARC of Imagines was put on a pirate site before release day. That means someone who was trusted with an Advanced Reader Copy shared the file with someone else.

    The investigations are still ongoing, so I can’t say too much, but it’s made me rethink my sending-of-ARCs process. There is a long version response, but the short version is I probably won’t be sending out any more ARCs. 🙁  I’m still undecided, and my feelings might change at some point, but as of right now my answer is no.

    So, how should people who steal books be treated? Well, I’m not really a violent person, but there’s this…

    From extreme lows to awesome highs, the audio of Red Dirt Heart 2 was voted Audio of the Month at Love Bytes! A HUGE thank you to all the readers who voted, and especially to Joel for the amazing job he did giving Charlie and Travis a voice. <3

    On a personal note, I’ve been struggling with illness. About two months ago, I was mowed down with some kind of virus and I’m simply not recovering. Basically, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. So far, they’re calling it Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, but I’ve had more tests done to see if it’s not anything else. Thankfully my doctor is keen to help me get to the bottom of it.

    It’s really killed my productivity and ability to focus on writing. I’m so exhausted all day long that I’m struggling to write at all. My WIP is at 10K, and it should have probably been finished by now.  I’ve ordered Dragon speech software, which I’m hoping will arrive this week, and it’ll be interesting to see if I can get more done that way. I’m told it takes some learning, but perseverance is key. Also, teaching it Australian might be funny (or infuriating), and who knows? If I don’t say the word “comma” eleventy billion times, my editor just might thank me 🙂

    Fingers crossed it helps and I can dictate my words instead of typing.

    Until next week… <3

  • Good Morning Monday! Imagines is OUT NOW!

    Imagines, the sequel to Imago, is out now!  Exclusive to Amazon and available to KU subscribers, you can find it HERE!


    Jack Brighton and Lawson Gale have been together for six months and are very much in love. Lawson’s work ensuring the survival of the Tillman Copper is as demanding as ever, and Jack’s work with the regeneration of the bushfire-ravaged national park is just as hectic.

    When Jack suggests they take a short trip, Lawson agrees. But then he is offered a two-week research position in tropical Queensland to help determine why the Ulysses butterfly is on the decline. Figuring they could combine work and pleasure, Jack and Lawson go on their first vacation together.

    Working alongside renowned professor Piers Bonfils isn’t easy. But personal and professional differences aside, Lawson is offered a more permanent role in Queensland. Torn between his new life in Tasmania with Jack and a dying species of butterfly he feels compelled to save, Lawson has to decide where his fate lies.

    But fate changes the rules. On a research expedition into the depths of the rainforest, suddenly it’s not only the butterflies’ existence that hangs in the balance.

    A butterfly’s life cycle never changes. From larvae to imago, their course is plotted by design. Jack and Lawson need to determine where they stand, if they live through it. Because the only thing more incredible than one imago is two.

    I’ve also had an ARC pirated this week, which I will post about later. That’s right. An Advanced Reader Copy of Imagines was put online for free-to-download BEFORE release day. I’ll go into more detail on that later 🙁

    Also, I’ve recently joined Pronoun! It’s an exciting new site for authors and publishers. You can find me HERE.


  • Good Morning Monday! April, ahoy!

    It’s just a short one from me today. I can’t believe it’s April already – but the days are getting shorter, colder. It’s dark when I get up now, and the sun sets sooner, which means winter is on its way. I love the colder weather though. There’s something about wearing woolly jumpers and fluffy socks that’s comforting to me. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be complaining about it when I’m standing court side at tennis in the freezing cold at the butt crack of dawn, wishing it was summer. LOL

    Imagines update: Everything is on track for release on the 10th April. ARCs should go out in the next day or so. I can’t wait for everyone to read it!!

    WIP update: I have started Yanni’s Story. I’m barely into it though, but I can tell already there will be angst, but also personal growth and the realisation of self-worth. There is an age-gap. I’m not sure if you remember from Spencer Cohen Book Two, but Yanni is 21 years old, and Peter is 43. (Reminiscent of Tom and Cooper, no? LOL) But there will be daddy-kink as well, which is something Tom and Cooper never really delved into.

    I’m away at the end of the week for a few days, so I’m doubtful there will be a post next week. I won’t have much to report on anyway, because there will be very little writing done this week. *sigh* Such is real life.

    Until then…  <3