Good Morning Monday! News and Whatnot!

Another week, and yes, these Mondays just keep coming! This is going to be a super quick post – a flyby really.

This week has been pretty good on the writing front. My WIP is now at 37K words, though I’m thinking it might end up over 80K long, so I have much to do still.

Yanni is a young man that has been through a lot, and he needs to go through certain steps before he can get his HEA. Luckily for him, Peter is very patient 😉

I will have a new paperback order form for anyone wanting signed books at GRL in Denver in October. I’m just waiting on a proof copy of a certain book from Createspace before I put it on any official list. I have put the Red Dirt Heart Imago crossover book into paperback, with the RDH Christmas book at the back as a bonus book (to beef it up a bit – the price is still the minimum Createspace will allow, but it just makes it more value for the reader) So I’ve done the reverse with a separate paperback – RDH Christmas story and cover, with the crossover at the back as a bonus story. That way, fans of the series who LOVE the covers will have a chance to get both. 🙂  I want to post pics and show people (for clarity) before I add them to my paperback list though. I was hoping to have the second proof book last week, but alas, it never arrived. I might have to contact Createspace if it doesn’t arrive soon!

In some exciting news, I have an 8,000 word drabble story (a story written in 100 word chapters, kinda like haiku but not) and I’ll be adding it to my free-reads. First, it will upload on my blog daily, two chapters at a time, until it’s complete. Not sure when it will start, but soon! In the next few weeks…  There is also a sequel, approx 10,000 words, which will follow 🙂

Also, the French translation of Cronin’s Key III should be out soon! And the French translation of Red Dirt Heart 3 should be out next month as well!

Told you it was going to be a quick one!  Until next week!  <3

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