Good Morning Monday ~ Another Monday!

Another week! Holy hell, these weeks just keep flying by. The year is more than half over, and it’s now just three months til I leave for GRL. This year is just flying by!

I spent this last week getting Yanni’s Story off to my editor, and burying my sanity in accounts and taxes. And believe me, my brain is not wired for numbers. LOL   I have the majority of my accounts done (July 31 is EOFY in Australia) so I need to get thinking about which story I’ll be diving into next.

The truth is, no characters are talking to me like they usually do. Maybe that’s my brain telling me I need a week off after writing almost 70K last month! I have so many books to read, so this is not a hardship… I just also have equally as many stories to be written. And I suffer writer-guilt when I’m not writing! If I spend time reading, I keep thinking “that could have been X amount of words instead”…


Anywhoooo, I’ll have to see what my characters and my brain can agree on. LOL

As you guys know, Point of No Return is now re-released on Amazon and I’ve approved the proof, so the paperback should be available any day!

You can also find it in ebook at:




I’m still hoping to have Yanni’s story out in the last week of August, though that will be a very tight deadline. My proofreaders may never forgive me when I send them a 120K story and tell them I need it back in like three days LOL

I also have the re-release of Elements of Retrofit due in the first week of September! And Breaking Point re-release in October! Not to mention travelling half way around the world. So it’s a busy time for me with edits and cover art prelims… and speaking of covers, I’ll be sharing the cover to Yanni’s Story next week. I have shown it to a few Facebook peeps, but I’ll be posting the cover right here in my usual Monday post next week!

Until then…


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