Good Morning Monday! All The New Releases!

Within a week, I will have had THREE releases!

  • Yanni’s Story (Aug 29th)
  • Cronin’s Key III on audio (Sept 5th)
  • Elements of Retrofit re-release! (Sept 6th)

Crazy, right? Busy too! LOL

First of all, Yanni’s Story made its way out into the world and I couldn’t be prouder! I’ve had some wonderful, heartfelt feedback who thanked me for giving them a voice. It breaks my heart that anyone has lived through (and thankfully survived) what Yanni went through. For many people, Yanni’s Story wasn’t fiction, and I’ll be forever grateful to the readers who contacted me to share their stories with me. If anyone were to ask me why I write, my answer is this: so people have something to identify with. And if my words can shed a little bit of light on one person’s darkness, then everything I’ve done thus far has been worth it.  <3

Buy Link: Amazon KU

Next up is Cronin’s Key III on Audio!

The third and final instalment of Alec and Cronin’s epic adventure is out on audio September 5th!

Listen as Joel Leslie brings every character to life. The poor guy had six nationalities, as well different ages, different sexes, in ONE conversation, and pulled it off flawlessly!

You can find it at Audible

And last but not least, the re-release of Elements of Retrofit!!  I am SO excited to be getting the rights back to my books with their current publisher. Things you need to know…

  • The current (old) version will disappear from sites on Sept 6th
  • I will upload the new version on Sept 7th.
  • The new version has been re-edited.
  • There is no new content.
  • It will be exclusive to Amazon KU.
  • The paperback will be available the same day!
  • Each of the Thomas Elkin books will be released as separate paperbacks.
  • I get the rights back to Clarity of Lines in December, and Sense of Place in Feb.
  • The current trilogy paperback will be unavailable from Monday.
  • Check out the amazing new cover Reese Dante made for me!!

I will post the buy links when the new version goes live!

In other news, my WIP is at 33K. It’s titled On Davis Row, and I need to get it finished before school breaks up in three weeks. If I can manage 10K words a week, I should be able to do it 🙂 Failing any RL hiccups or roadblocks, that is. I’ll be aiming for a November release.

Until next week! <3

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