Good Morning Monday! *sings* And a Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018!

Before we look forward, let’s take a quick look back at the year that was 2017. It was a busy, busy year, that was for certain. To highlight the positives, there was:

  • Eight new releases
  • Four re-releases
  • Ten translation releases
  • Eight audio book releases

No wonder I was busy! LOL   I also had a trip to the US for GRL which was an absolute highlight for me. I also dealt with/am still dealing with some health issues but Australia legalised marriage equality, so I’m considering 2017 a win! 🙂

Also, I have a range of books voted for Best of 2017 on several sites, Best Cover for 2017, (with Imago and On Davis Row) and I’m also up for Author of the Year as well. I’m so honoured and stoked, truly. I really am blessed to have the best job in the world, where I get to create worlds were love wins, and I get to meet and interact daily with the best people. <3

So what does 2018 have in store for N.R. Walker?

Well, I’m hoping for much of the same. I said to a friend on Facebook the other day, all I want for 2018 is peace, health and happiness. Because if I have those, then the words will surely come 🙂 It’s about finding balance and peace of mind, and cutting the negativity out of my life. All I want to do is write books! Lots of them!

And so far my schedule for 2018 looks like this:

  • Re-release of Sense of Place (Jan 17th)
  • Release of Finders Keepers (late Jan)
  • Re-release of Taxes and TARDIS (Feb 21st)
  • Release of RDH4 on audio (possibly Feb)
  • Re-release of Three’s Company (March 21st)
  • Release of current (unnamed) WIP (late March)
  • Spencer Cohen Series (all four books) audio releases – Book One in March
  • Turning Point Series (all three books) audio releases – Book One in January
  • Translation of The Weight of It All in German.
  • Translation of Sixty Five Hours in Thai.
  • I have NINE pre-made covers I want to write books for (I’m obsessed with pre-made covers LOL) though they won’t all be released this year, but possibly four of them will be.
  • And there is the very real possibility of a new series beginning in 2018.

I’m what’s known as a “pantser” meaning I don’t plan or outline my books. That also means I don’t plan or outline my writing schedule. Well, I do. I try to, but it changes. I have no control over which characters get their story written first/next/at all, or how long each book will be. So you can see this writing schedule is pretty vague. The titles I’ve named are the ones I *know* are happening (audios/translations/re-releases). But the new books? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s probably better to ask me what I’d like to release, and what I’m aiming for is:

A new release every two months. So far, though it’s subject to (and probably will) change, those months will be Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov, and maybe a short Christmas story thrown in sometime around Dec.

But real life will be the determining factor, and my good intentions may all go to shit by mid-January. LOL

I’m not sure what signings or cons I’ll be doing this year. I do know I’ll be at the Sydney Author Event in April (not as a listed author as such – more details to come later). I want to try and do more Australian-based events, so I’m looking around to see what’s on and where.

It’s very unlikely I’ll be at GRL in 2018, but I won’t know until it gets closer.

But in exciting news, I’ll be the Author of the Month for all of January at My Fiction Nook!

Aaaaaand what would a New Year’s Celebration be without a cover reveal?

Made by James at Go On Write, here’s the totally cute cover for Finders Keepers, due out late January. Blurb to come soon!

Okay, so that’s it for today! Wishing you all a very happy and safe New Years! And all the very best for 2018! I’ll be continuing my Good Morning Monday posts, so until next week…


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