Good Morning Monday ~ Weekly Update!

Just a super quick post from me today!  I’ve had a pretty crap week to be honest, and my writing hasn’t been great. But all word counts are good word counts, so I’ll take what I can get. Fingers crossed this week will be better all round 🙂

WiP update: Galaxies and Oceans is at 34K, and we’ve one attempted kiss and one rebuff. LOL!!  I’d LOVE to write 10K this week but given I have a re-release and I’m arguing with Createspace about copyright of two books, it’s probably not likely!

Taxes and TARDIS is due for re-release on the 22nd. I can not wait for this to be out again!!

And the issue with Createspace (the paperback division of Amazon) seems to be on-going. They’ve pulled the paperbacks of Finders Keepers and Elements of Retrofit, requesting verification of copyright. The thing is, according to them via the two phone calls I’ve made to the US about this, is that they’re understaffed and won’t have a human to look at the issue until probably next Wednesday. Helpful, huh?

I apologise to any readers who this has inconvenienced. Fingers crossed the issue is resolved soon, and favourably.

In other news, I have registered as a Featured Author for GRL2018 which is in Virginia this year. BUT I should preface this with my attendance will depend on my daughter’s end of year exams. In Australia, we have 2-3 weeks of final exams, and they’re usually around October. I’m waiting for the school to confirm, so I’ll make my decision after that. So, my attendance at this point is pending.

Hopefully I’ll know soon and can start planning 🙂

That’s it for this week! I told you it was short. LOL  I’ll see you all next Monday!

Until then… <3

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