Good Morning Monday! Wowza, what a week!

Actually, it’s been two weeks since I posted. And a HUGE thank you to the few people who emailed me to see if I was okay! *hugs you all*  Yes, I’m fine – was just away from home last week so couldn’t do my usual weekly update.

I was in Melbourne for an Ed Sheeran concert, which was great!  I had three teens with me LOL so there was a lot of shopping, but we had the best time. 🙂

Despite all the traveling (driving 4 hours then flying for 1.5 hours each way to get there) and being gone for 5 days, and being ridiculously busy when I got home, I did manage to get some writing done this week. My WIP, called Galaxies and Oceans, is at 73K words and I probably have 10K to go. Well, I’m hoping. I’d LOVE to get the first draft done this week. Though I don’t think that’ll be happening, considering I spent most of the day at the hospital with my son for a suspected broken ankle. Don’t worry, he’s completely FINE – except being super pissed and disappointed at having to miss a tennis and a basketball tournament this month. *sigh*

This week is the re-release of Three’s Company!! It’s very coincidental that I get the rights back on my birthday (March 21st) to my very last book with a publisher. From then, all books will be self-published (not all translated titles or audios, obv). It’s like the universe is giving me a little present! 🙂

I’m sure I’ve shown off the amazing cover, but if anyone missed it before, here it is again!

New buy links will be posted as soon as the book goes live. It will take a few days for Amazon to verify the republication, but I’ll post the links asap.

I also have a release date for Evolved!! Get your Kindles ready for April 23rd!! It will be exclusive to Amazon first up. I’ll be sharing the AMAZING cover and blurb with you next week, so stay tuned!!

Oh, and just a heads up that On Davis Row will be on sale for just 99c from around the 5th of April for about a week. The sale will/should be on all sites (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, etc).  It will be a part of a Bookbub deal, so if you’ve been holding off on buying it, wait a little while longer and grab yourself a bargain!

Okay, so that’s it for this week! Take care, until then!! <3


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