Good Morning Monday ~ What’s on in August?

Yes, holy crap it’s August! This year has gone so fast it makes my head spin. It was another busy week in Walkerland, and seriously I need another word for busy. My WIP, Nova Praetorian, is now at 92K and I pretty much only two or three more scenes to write. Then I can start the endless/funless job of trying to fix it. It’s an unholy mess right now. It’s written in third person, which is not my usual MO. And for the first 50K words, I’ve somehow managed to write it from everyone’s point of view, not just the MC’s. I’ve headhopped so much not even Freud couldn’t make sense of it. LOL  So that will need a whole lotta fixing.

I’ve also got the second round edits for Private Charter in my inbox, which I will tackle as soon as I get the first draft of Nova Praetorian done. Hopefully editing something that’s not a hot mess will prepare me for editing something that is. LOL

Soooo, what’s happening in August?

Evolved is now available at all retailers!





The audio of On Davis Row is out on the 31st July. Technically it’s not August but woo hoooo!!!!  If you’ve been saving an audio credit, I’m saving you the dilemma of what to get! Because you need to hear this <3



Finders Keepers will also be coming out of KU to be available at all retailers toward the end of the next week. Stay tuned for the links – I’ll post them as soon as I have them!

Private Charter will be out on August 24th! It will be exclusive to Amazon (on KU) and there will be no presale links – it will go live on the 24th and I’ll be back to post links asap.


Stuart Jenner’s job is high stress, high stakes, and everything he’s strived for. So why, when the apex of his career is within reach, does he stumble? At his doctor’s insistence, he books a privately chartered yacht to sail around the Whitsundays for two weeks of sun, surf, and sex. When his friend-with-benefits bails on him at the last minute, Stuart decides to go alone.

Foster Knight left the rat race behind six years ago, bought a yacht, and now calls the Great Barrier Reef his home. Sailing tourists around tropical waters is all in a day’s work, and he’s never been happier. When his next client arrives alone, the two-week charter will be the most private job he’s ever had.

Foster can see how stressed and exhausted Stuart is, and he promises him extensive rest and relaxation. Stuart slowly realises his original plan for two weeks of sun, surf, and sex might not be lost yet. Confined to a yacht, isolated by aqua-coloured oceans and the sweltering sun, Stuart and Foster are about to find out just how hot the tropics can get.

I’ll be back with excerpts and fun stuff on Private Charter before release day though, so stay tuned!

Well, as you can see, August is another busy one!  Have a great week, folks. Until then!!


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