Good Morning Monday ~ Finders Keepers 99c Sale!

Gooooooood morning!!!  I have a great feeling this will be an awesome week for productivity, even though my kids are off school for two weeks. LOL  I have things I HAVE to get done in the next two weeks – before I leave for the US. I have a bunch of appointments and my kids have a bunch of stuff on and whatnot but I have a good feeling it will get done 🙂

(this is me having delusions of grandeur on the productivity scale but if I wish hard enough, it’ll come true, right?) LOL

Also, Finders Keepers is on sale for a short time only!! Just 99c for 220 pages of fun, fluff, sunshine, and a cute as hell puppy!


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Apple Books


An update on Nova Praetorian… I’m about 50% sure/hopeful I can have it released before I leave for the US. I can’t guarantee it, but as much as I’d really love to release it beforehand, I won’t release a book that’s not 100% ready. So I’ll make a decision at the death, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

WIP update…  I’ve started something new and fun, and it needs to be around/less than 20K words. I’m only 1500 words into it but I’m super excited! It’s a suuuuuper secret at the moment, but I’m pretty sure you guys will love it!

And my next guys are already talking to me!! They’ve been super patient but they might have to wait until GRL is over LOL  Speaking of which, GRL is less than three weeks away!!! I’m so excited! If you’re coming to GRL this year, be sure to pop by and say hello! I’ll have some pretty cool swag too! But don’t forget – if you want me to sign a book, you’ll need to bring it with you! I won’t have books for sale and there are no pre-orders this year.

So next week, I want to report back that I got a lot of words written and final round edits on Nova. Keep your fingers crossed!

Until then… <3

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