Good Morning Monday ~ A Soldier’s Wish Release Day!

If you can believe it, it’s December! And it’s RELEASE DAY  of A Soldier’s Wish!

It’s my first Christmas book involving new characters, and I adored writing their story. At first I worried it wasn’t Christmassy enough – that I might have concentrated too much on the horrors of war and living with PTSD and injury. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas so finding that festive spirit can be a challenge for me. I worried that it wasn’t like those Hallmark Christmas movies everyone loves, and it was a little more Die Hard. LOL   And we all know writers are drowning in doubt and insecurities about their writing, as I most definitely with this one, but I was assured to keep going, to give these two boys their story and their HEA they deserve, and I’m super glad I did.  Richard and Gary definitely deserved their HEA and I’m proud of this book.  <3

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A Soldier’s Wish is Book 5 in this anthology/series. BUT they can all be read out of order, and each book is a stand alone. The only thing they have in common is they each come into contact with a special Christmas ornament that has been passed down/lost/found throughout different years and times in history.

You can find the others at these links, by their amazing author!

Eli Easton –
Kim Fielding –
Jordan L Hawk –
LA Witt –
Anyta Sunday –
RJ Scott –

Also, Private Charter is now out of KU and available for wide distribution!

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The following links weren’t showing the book at the time of writing this post, but they may be there by the time this post goes live. If not, keep trying because it should be there any day now.

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In other news, I got through my first read-through revisions of Kennard’s Story, and it’s now with some beta readers. It’s 35K words of utter craziness but like all the Cronin stories, it’s a helluva lot of fun!

And I started a new story!! These boys have been waiting very patiently and I’m excited to write this book for quite some time, and it’s weird because while they’ve been in my head, in the background, slowly filling in their backstory and a few notes on the story I’m supposed to write, I never really *know* them until I start to write. And as it turns out, one of the MC’s is funny. Like how Henry was funny. I’m not saying he’ll be the same as Henry, but he’s adorable already and I’ve snort-laughed a few times in the first chapter. Still early days and it’s untitled at this point and, all things going well, I’ll be aiming for a March release.

Speaking of releases, I’ll be working on my 2019 schedule this week and will post it here asap.

And this week, I’ll be starting some pretty cool giveaways in my Readers’ Group on Facebook. In the lead up to Christmas, I want to give some shit away LOL so join in!

Okay that’s all for now. Much love! <3

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