Good Morning Monday! It’s finally February!

I don’t know about anyone else but for me, January was three years long. LOL  Like holy hell, did it draaaaaag!! But February is finally here and I feel like 2019 can finally start. I know that makes no sense but it’s weird how our brains work. LOL

And February is going to be crazy-busy! I leave in three weeks to have 10 days  travelling with some friends from the US and will be flying from home to Sydney, to Melbourne, to Brisbane, doing lots of sight-seeing, and two book signings! It’ll be fun, but busy as hell, and tiring. But I can’t wait!!  I’ll try and post some pics. They’ll mostly be on my Instagram page but I will post some here as well!

The signings I’m doing are:

Sydney – Books by the Bridge

and Brisbane – Bookmarked and Sexy

I’m excited to start doing more Australian signings!  I don’t know what to expect to be honest, but I’m certain it will be all kinds of fun!

My kids went back to school at the end of last week, and OMG the silence in my house on Friday was heavenly. It’s hard to explain, but as an introvert, I really do NEED silence and space and me-time. So while having the kids home is great, six weeks of it for school holidays grinds me down.

But life returns to normal this week! Thank GAWD! And along with that normality, is hectic schedules of school, sport, after-school work, extra study classes for my daughter (she’s going into Year 11 this year, so the workload cranks up a notch). But keeping busy is a good thing, right?

(disclaimer: I may need reminding of this in about July/August when I’m completely frazzled LOL)

Oh, and I’m also having a built-in bookcase added to my office!! I’m very excited about this! It should be installed two weeks from now and I will most definitely be doing some before/after photos but it’s going to look a little bit like this!

I’m sooooo excited!!!!  It’s costing me a not-so small fortune but it will make my office space so much more functional and prettier!  Stay tuned for pics!!

Oh, and next week I might show off my cover for my next release. Upside Down will be released sometime late March (depending a lot of factors) but I’m hoping it will be late March and will do my best to make it happen!  I don’t have the tweaked blurb yet and I probably should wait until I can post both together, but I get too excited and impatient for covers!

My WIP is at 7K words. Still only early days, but with my kids and school starting, last week was slow on the writing front. But this coming week should be productive! Except I have another dentist appointment tomorrow which is going to suck. But these things are unavoidable, I guess.

Oh!!! And my new website should be up and running this week or next!  I’m really excited to show it off!

Okay that’s all for this week!! Much love!


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