Good Morning Monday! Whoa, What a Week!

Boy, it’s been a crazy week. I’ve been busy, mostly off all social media, and I’ve cranked out serious daily word counts, I’ve done some edits, and I’ve been trying to get some signed books out in the post. But I can say now that my WIP is done!

Yay!!  I thought it was done on Saturday at 55K words, but when I was re-reading through the hellamess of a first draft, I realised something was missing. Like an entire chapter or two. LOL We needed to see them bond and grow more. Their emotional connection felt rushed and stupid because I hadn’t shown, on-page, enough of how they were together.

So I wrote 5K yesterday and now I’m so much happier with it. 🙂

First drafts are always a mess and in much need of work. This one was no different. And I wrote a crazy amount of words this month. Like almost 70K words, which is a LOT for me.  But this story FLEW out of my brain and out my fingers. Admittedly, there’s a lot of sex in this story. A LOT. hahaha! It could even border on erotica. Not even kidding. But there is a romance in there somewhere, and maybe a dash of plot. Maybe. LOL

I’ll share more about it when it gets a little closer, and maybe after some pre-readers tell me it’s not a steaming pile of garbage. 😉

Here’s a little pic teaser of what this story is about…

Delicious, yes?  More info soon, I promise!

First round edits of The Hate You Drink have been done! Yay!! To be honest, I was expecting huge rewrites on that one but my editor said I kinda nailed it, so go me!  It’s angsty and there’s quite a bit of psychology-speak and I needed to make sure I had it the best I could. It seriously helps when your editor used to be a trained therapist in a previous life! (seriously, love her) <3 But I always stress over making sure I get the details as right as I can…

Anyway, I’m aiming for a release of May 23rd but that could change. I’m super excited for you all to meet Erik and Monroe!

This week I’ll be tidying up my WIP, getting more of those signed paperbacks sent off, and cleaning out my office. A month of hammering my keyboard and neglecting everything else has meant my office now looks like a dump. I keep wishing little cleaning fairies would come and do it while I sleep but no such luck yet 😉

Oh, and I’ll be jotting down lots of research points and gathering a butt-tonne of facts and info ready for my next book. I’m really not sure how it’s going to go… It will be like nothing I’ve done and I’m thinking it could be a trilogy but I won’t know until I start writing it. I wanted to write it a year or two ago but it wasn’t the right time. Apparently now the MC is giving me impatient stares…  Because of course he is. 😉

Until next week! Much love and stay safe!

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