Good Morning Monday! For The Love of Audio!

It’s been a busy week in world of audio!  Elements of Retrofit AND Blind Faith are out now, and I’m so excited to FINALLY be getting my backlist organised for audio. Blind Faith was first released in 2012, so it’s been a long time coming, and my Thomas Elkin series was 2013. Audios are rather expensive to produce and I have a LOT of books, so planning which books and when hasn’t been easy.

But I’m so freaking happy how these turned out.

Nick Russo narrated Elements of Retrofit and he is the perfect Thomas and Cooper. The job he’s done on these two guys is perfection. And it can’t have been easy… Tom and Cooper grace a lot of people’s ‘favourite couples’ lists and readers have LOVED these characters for a long time. That makes for some pretty big shoes to fill, but he far exceeded my expectations. When he sent me the first few chapters for my opinion/proof, my reply to him was something like ‘OMG don’t change a thing!’ 🙂

You can find Elements at Audible and iBooks

Clarity of Lines (Book Two in the series) has been submitted to ACX and should be out in a few weeks.

My Blind Faith series was the first books I self-published. After going through the mess that was Silver Publishing, I withheld passing this series onto another publisher because I would have been going from having nine books published to none, and my newer publisher said they’d take a year or more to re-publish. I know things with publishers take longer, but there was no way I was not having any books out there in the world while I waited. So I gave the new publisher six titles and kept the Blind Faith boys and thought I’d give this self-publishing thing a go (best decision I ever made).

That was 2012.

Isaac and Carter are very special to me, and Michael Pauley did an amazing job narrating these boys.  We all know Isaac is a prickly character, and a lot of readers probably hated him LOL so I was interested to see how Michael handled that. But it was fantastic, and I’m so thrilled he agreed to narrate them. He really is perfect for them!

You can find Blind Faith at Audilbe and it should be up at iBooks any day (no link yet, sorry)

Book Two shouldn’t be too far away either!  I’m so excited, guys. I will let you all know when I know more!

That’s it for this week!  Release of The Hate You Drink is getting closer and I’m super excited for that too! I’ve had some mixed feedback on my next manuscript so I’m not sure what to do with that yet, and my current WIP is a disaster. LOL  Hopefully I’ll have more news on that next week!

Until then…


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