Good Morning Monday ~ How The Hell Is It June?

I can’t believe it’s bloody June already. I just don’t know where the time goes… The good news is it’s finally winter, which I love. I think Autumn is my all time fave season but I do love winter. Not a huge fan of super cold mornings, but I love wearing jeans and sweaters and scarves and boots. Mind you, this is an Australian winter. You can keep that “northern hemisphere 10 feet of snow” kind of winters all to yourself LOL

It’s been a quiet week on the authorly front. I’ve been plugging away at my WIP, ever so slowly, because having to stop and double check research slows everything down. It’s currently at 27K words and originally I was thinking it was going to be a trilogy of shorter novellas, but as I progress, that’s becoming less and less likely. It looks like it will be one novel. That’s not a deliberate doing on my behalf. I had planned to have each of the three novellas with one case, and one bigger case overarching all three novellas, but apparently, my main character decided the bigger case was more important and it’s been the sole focus from the first scene. Considering I have no idea what I’m doing, I have to assume he does LOL

I still don’t have a title for this book, or even a cover idea. Normally I have all those details sorted long before now, but this whole book has been on its head from the beginning so I’m now just going with the flow. My inability to plan or outline any book has come back to bite me in the tush, considering it’s a murder mystery. Wanna know the real kicker? I don’t even know who the killer is yet…

Yep. And I’m the author…

Good times.

Anywhoooo, in other news, I have added another two books that were on my ‘maybe, one day’ list to my ‘to be written’ list. I have titles and cover ideas for those LOL So they will more than likely happen later this year or early next year.

I have two very different characters who each want their book written next, but I feel like my current book is going to take me forever to finish. I’m giving myself the month of June to finish it. If it’s still a hot mess in 30 days, I just may very well throw it out the window. LOL  The next two should be light and fluffy and some tooth decaying sweetness that I’m known for. I’m sure we’ll all need it after the murder mystery with death and bodies and general horribleness.  😛

Okay, so this was just basically a nonsensical, rambly nothing post. But sometimes that’s all I’m good for LOL

Hoping for ALL the words this week! Wish me luck!!!!