Good Morning Monday ~ Date Changes, And The Week That Was


I spent most of this last week away, taking a lovely few days in the Hunter Valley with fellow MM author Nic Starr.  It was a much-needed recharge and catch up. We chatted and laughed, and discussed the industry goings-on. It was a lot of fun! I finished going through my WIP first draft and tidied that up, considered what I want to start writing next, and managed to get in some reading time!

So, more on my WIP…  It was scheduled for release in the first week of December (as I explained last week with regards to my usual 8 weeks between releases) but that has now changed to the end of October. It’s really only 4.5 weeks earlier. Being a part of a multi-author anthology (with separate releases) another author needed to swap and given my first draft was done, it was a no brainer. Yes, self-publishing comes with a certain freedom but real life should always come first.

I had originally planned to have a late Sept release with Tallowwood, then a ten-week wait until early Dec release with the anthology/charity novella, then having a February release and maintaining my usual 8-week release schedule into 2020. But that has now changed and the ten-week wait between books has come forward.

What this means for my readers is that my release schedule now looks like this:

Sept 25 – Tallowwood

Oct 29 – anthology/charity release

Mid-January – next release, and continue on with the normal 8-week release schedule from January.

So really not much is changing, just the shuffling of dates. The upside is that you guys will get to see the cover sooner, and of course get the book sooner as well!! So yay!

Upside Down Audio

Coming Soon!!!  Not sure on exact dates, but I’ve listened to the proof which means it’s on the home straight. Maybe three weeks-ish?  It will depend on how long ACX decide to hold it hostage…

BUTTTTTTT the amazing narrator, Glen Lloyd killed this performance. He was the PERFECT choice for Jordan and Hennessy!  Such a true Aussie voice and I’m reeeeeeally hoping he’ll be on board to narrate other books as my finances allow.



I’m very excited to announce the release of Imago in Italian!!  I absolutely LOVE working with Triskell Edizione, and Imago is already listed as a best-seller on their site!!!  It goes live on the 9th!!

You can pre-order it from Triskell or find it at Amazon

And of course we kept the cover because Lou Harper is a genius and this cover is AMAZING!!

Also Switched will be out in German soon!! I’ll post links when I have them!!

Okay that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll have an excerpt from Tallowwood to share, so stay tuned for that. This week I have a super short scene to write for a newsletter swap (more on that later) and some research to do (because when can I ever write a book that doesn’t require a shitload of research? LOL)

Until then…


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