Good Morning Monday ~ It’s Release Week for Tallowwood!


Oh my GAWD it’s been a busy week, and this week will be even busier!  I’ve been travelling the last two weekends, trying to get things ready for Tallowwood release day, trying to start my next book, and working on some edits and proofing for a surprise for you guys later this week. It just neverrrrrr ends!!

But yay for release weeks!! It’s always an exciting, nerve-wracking process for me. I’m so excited for everyone to finally read the book and meet the characters, but OMG what if people don’t like it, or if it falls spectacularly short of expectations, or if Amazon decide not to upload it, or SOMETHING… The stress and anxiety over new releases will never get old, and I probably don’t want it to. Because maybe that wouldn’t mean I’d gotten used to the process but more that I didn’t care? I don’t know. I’m clearly overthinking things, because this is release week and that means stressing over every little thing haha

Anywhoooo, stay tuned for another blog update this week once Tallowwood goes live. I’ll be posting the links for you!


What else is happening this week?

I have edits on next month’s new release (OMG don’t ever let me agree to moving releases a month forward ever again LOL) and edits on a surprise short story I’ll be doing as a freebie later this week. It’s part of a newsletter boost, and I’ll be posting more on that later as well.

I should just get my name changed to Busy… because seriously, I AM BUSY. haha


Image result for gif of busy

This gif is an accurate representation LOL.  See you all again on Thursday!

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