Good Morning Monday ~ FREE Deleted Scene from Tallowwood!

What an amazing week it’s been! The release of Tallowwood has been FAB!  So many people have read and loved it. I’m so thrilled, and so proud of August and Jake!

With lots of #1 rankings all over the world, Tallowwood is still #1 in LGBT Mystery and #2 in Gay Romance in the US, and it’s still #1 in all LGBT categories in Germany and Australia. I’m so happy people are loving this book!

I’ve seen reviews like

“Best book of 2019!”

“N.R. Walker at her best”

With lots of words like powerful and lyrical and brilliant.

Guys, I can’t thank you enough for the response to this book!! It’s always a risk when an author tries something new, and I’m honoured that you guys took a chance on me!

The paperbacks are also available, and they are just gorgeous!!

Now for that freebie… 

I’m part of an awesome group on Facebook with seven other authors, and together we are the M/M Daily Grind. We decided to give our readers a little something special for FREE!!  That’s right – there are EIGHT short scenes – completely FREE!  You can find them at this link…



So what is my bonus freebie for you all??

A deleted scene from Tallowwood!! YES, that’s right!!!  But, please note, the deleted scene contains spoilers for the book, so if you haven’t read Tallowwood yet, by all means, grab the freebie while you can but maybe read the book first. 🙂

WIP Update:

OMG it’s going so slow… I’ve still barely started it. This release week has been crazy-busy and I’ve had edits on my next release and travelling, and now it’s school holidays for my kids, so lord knows how much writing I’ll get done this week…

I need to get some serious words down this week somehow. Though I can’t help but wonder if I started the wrong book. Which is weird. But there were other characters who piped up, but these other guys were louder but now I’m second-guessing myself. I just need to put my head down and get on with it, I think.

Anywho…  Have a great week, guys!  Until then…


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