Good Morning Monday!

I missed last week’s blog post, sorry if anyone was expecting it. To be honest, I was completely out of headspace and just didn’t have it in me to try and be cheerful and excited. I also didn’t really much to talk about. I’ve been struggling to write (still) and that always puts me in a funk. The words still haven’t really been flowing this week either but I do feel better about it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a more productive week. Even though this week is busy with other stuff…

On the 25th, Reindeer Games will have a cover reveal, and it will go up for pre-order!!

Reindeer Games is part of the Ace’s Wild Series (each book is a stand-alone by a different author) and for the first 90 days of release, proceeds go to the author’s charity of choice.
I’ll have more details on my LGBTQIA+ charity of choice at that time, but I’m super excited for everyone to meet my two main characters, Leif and Russ 
Max Walker’s is the next story in the Ace’s Wild Series, and is up for pre-order now! You can find it at
Other amazing authors in this series so far is Riley Hart and Christina Lee, SE Jakes, Alice Winters, and Devon McCormack. You can find the series page at

I’m super excited to be a part of this, and will share all the details when the book goes up for pre-order on the 25th of October.


If you have Kindle Unlimited and wanted to read SIR you need to grab it NOW! It’s going wide, to all retailers on the 21st, though it can take a few days to get to the likes of apple or b&n. I’ll post my author page links to those sites because I don’t have the buy-links yet (obviously lol).

If you follow me at the following retailers, you will/should be notified as soon as appears.

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SIR will only be available at all retailers for a short time before it goes back into KU!

I’ll be back on Friday with the cover and pre-order link for Reindeer Games. Until then…