• Good Morning Monday!! Who’s up for a COVER REVEAL?


    I have finally wrangled the first draft into some kind of presentable shape, so I’d like to reward myself by showing off the amazing cover!!  Coming in at 82K words, The Dichotomy of Angels should be out at the end of December. I’m aiming for December 27th… BUT that is all things going well. Given the time of year, how busy it is, how real life gets in the way (not just mine, but that of my editor, proofreaders etc) if the release needs pushing back a week or two, I most certainly will.  I won’t jeopardise quality to make a self-imposed deadline.  I’m sure readers would prefer a polished product as well.

    That being said…  the cover. OMG I love this cover so much!!


    Isn’t it just gorgeous??  Made by Creative Paramita, I just loved it as soon as I saw it!  It really captures Nathaniel and Chasan, and I can’t wait for everyone to meet them. I’ll post the blurb when I have it edited 🙂

    Oh, and just super quickly… My books that I have in wide distribution at the moment, will be heading back into KU soon. So be sure to grab them asap!

    You can find SIR, the RED DIRT HEART SERIES, and my other titles at:




    Google Play


    That’s all my news for this week! I’ll have more news on audiobooks soon, and will share asap. Just waiting for official confirmation!

    Next week sees December roll around and it’s the last month of this decade!! *gasps*  I’ll be doing some Christmas giveaways in my FACEBOOK READERS’ GROUP so be sure to join up or swing past to check them out!

    Until next week!!

  • Good Morning Monday ~ Upside Down Audio is OUT NOW!

    Another Monday already! Sorry for the lack of post last week – I didn’t have much to report and I was so busy with real life, so it got away from me. I do have some things to report this week though!

    The first being…

    Upside Down audio is FINALLY out now!!


    Buy Links:



    Aussie narrator Glen Lloyd has done a masterful job bringing Jordan and Hennessy to life. I can’t wait for you all to listen!


    Also for those of you who don’t have Kindle Unlimited, the entire Red Dirt Heart series will be going into wide distribution for a bit!  From Nov 12th, they’ll start appearing at all retailers, and will stay there for a month or two. I do like to switch my books in and out of KU cycles.



    The RDH Series KU link on Amazon is HERE

    I’ll provide all the links to the other retailers when I have them.


    The WIP from hell is still plodding along. It’s slow going but at least it’s moving forward. Currently at 57,000 words but still a ways to go. I need to get the base of the first draft down this week. I have to. Or I’ll miss an editing deadline 🙁  So fingers crossed for all the words!!  I need to report here next Monday that I got it done.

    Until then…


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