Good Morning Monday ~ What’s New in February!


Was January not the longest month everrrrrrr? But, by the gods, we made it! February is finally here!  I can finally say that my WIP is finished and currently in my editor’s inbox. It’s called Throwing Hearts, and it’s 54K words of fluff and romance. There’s zero angst, zero conflict, lots of sexual tension, and lots of touchy-feely feels and love. I’ll be sharing the cover next week, so stay tuned!

This week my kids go back to school (after six weeks off omg) and so begins research for my new book. And guess what? I’m thinking it’s going to be a series!! A trilogy to be more exact. I’m still trying to work out details, and because I’m allergic to any kind of planning, this isn’t easy LOL  I’m keeping mum about it for now, until I get more fleshed out and actual words on paper. It will be set in Australia and it’s not a trope I’ve done before. It is a romance but there will be angst and heartbreak and… I’m pretty sure it will be all in one character’s POV.  Like my Red Dirt books, my Spencer Cohen books, and Thomas Elkin… all books are in the main character’s voice. UNLESS the characters decide to change that, idk. LOL

I’m excited to get started on this project! There’s always something wonderful and exciting and daunting to begin new things!


Reindeer Games is now available at all retailers!







Just a short one this week. I’ll share the cover to Throwing Hearts next week!

Until then…

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