Good Morning Monday ~ This Week’s Update


Just a quick post this Monday.  I have a super busy week coming up, lots of real-life stuff to deal with but I’m still aiming to meet my daily word count goals.  My WIP is at 22K words and I’d like to see it reach 32K by the end of the week even though I’m likely to get first-round edits as well  🙂

Moving forward in 2020, I also intend to cut back my social media time, focusing on just a few places instead of trying to do everything. My Readers’ Group on FB will be my main hangout (I love that group). I will be mostly intermittent on twitter and Instagram, posting when I am able or if I have news/sales/new releases. There’s no other reason for this but time. It’s hard trying to do everything, to be everywhere. I need to focus my energy into my writing.


Oooh, I have audio news as well… the following titles have been booked in, though I can’t confirm actual release dates yet.

  • The Dichotomy of Angels – narrated by Nick Russo
  • Throwing Hearts – narrated by Glen Lloyd
  • Tallowwood – narrated by Antony Ferguson (release date March 24th)
  • Imago – narrated by Antony Ferguson
  • Imagines – narrated by Antony Ferguson
  • Private Charter – narrated by Antony Ferguson
  • The Hate You Drink – narrated by Antony Ferguson

I will post the other dates when I have them!


Okies, that’s it for this week. Next week I should have an excerpt from Throwing Hearts to share…  Can’t wait for you to meet Leo and Merrick!

Until then…