Good Morning Monday ~ RARE20 Update, and The Dichotomy Of Angels is out of KU


Hey folks,

The world is a scary place right now and we could all use some peace. I’ll be taking some time away from social media and the constant news updates this week to try and save my sanity. Luckily we have the world of romance to escape to, where HEA’s are guaranteed. I absolutely understand everyone’s need to take some time out as well.

But first some updates:

RARE 2020 (Edinburgh) has been postponed to July 16th and 17th 2021.

At this point in time, I am still going. It’s a dream trip for me, and I have every intention of being there. I will try my best to transfer all flights and accommodation to make this trip happen. I’m currently waiting on my travel agent to get back to me – they have closed their office due to Covid-19 restrictions here in Aus, so I’m not sure when I will hear anything.

If any reader who has ordered books from me requires a refund, please email me at   I know it’s an uncertain time for everyone, and there are bound to be disappointed people, but I do believe postponing this event is the right thing to do. As it is right now, Australia is at a level 4 travel ban (we can’t fly out of the country so I couldn’t have gone this year anyway), but giving us another 12 months to ensure the health of safety of everyone involved is a good thing.

I will advise on my confirmed plans when I can. I have a LOT to work out, and appreciate your patience about this.

The audio for Throwing Hearts is almost done. It’s so wonderful!! I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I estimate the release date to be approx mid-April, though this may change. Will let you guys know if it changes drastically.
WIP update:
My WIP (book two in the Missing Pieces Series) is now at 24K. So. I managed all of 3000-4000 words all week, which is pitiful. I did get one round of edits of Book One in, which was something productive, I guess.
Book One in the Missing Pieces series is called Pieces of You. I still don’t have a release date for it yet. Will update you all when I know. It is book one in a trilogy and I have to plan for all three books, not just one. I was planning to release it to coincide with my UK trip in June, but that is no longer happening. The two books I had intended to write after the trilogy are now on hold and I need to think of something else…. one was a close-proximity-for-medical-reasons trope which feels wrong given everything the world is enduring right now, and the other was an apocalypse style story that also feels kinda wrong. Soooo, I need those characters to be quiet for a while and let some others start to chat.
I’ll work out a new release schedule and will post it asap.


The Dichotomy of Angels is now available at all retailers!






For a limited time only! Grab it while you can 

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Tallowwood is now on Audio!!

2019 Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards
1st Place – Best Mystery
1st Place – Best Law Enforcement
1st Place – Best Action/Suspense


Some good news!!

We adopted a dog!  We found him at the RSPCA and decided he needed a forever home. We named him Murphy, but he gets Mr Murphy, or Murph. He’s adapting well and has sacrificed many, many things to the god of destruction, including computer chargers, a bra, two hats, a sock, many plants, three ceramic plant holders, a cushion, and four cacti – YES CACTI.  Who would have ever thought that you’d need to say ‘don’t eat the cactus’. He’s also destroyed FOUR rolls of toilet paper!!! Does he not realise how valuable that is right now?? haha

But he’s still learning and he’s only 10 months old, so we have some chewing time to go. And yes, he has a hundred dog toys to choose from. LOL

Ruby (our other dog) loves him and has adapted quite well to having a brother. I thought I’d share a pic…


Okay that’s it for this week. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay home if you can, wash your hands, and be kind. It’s a rough world out there right now and we need all the love we can get.

Until then…

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