Good Morning Monday ~ Isolation and Two Translations


Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! I hope your weekend was filled with peace, chocolate, and books! It was all very quiet here… no family lunches or any of our traditions, but that’s okay.  Isolation for me hasn’t meant a great deal of change. I’ve worked from home for six years and would quite happily never leave my house LOL But I know a lot of people are struggling with the restrictions that a lockdown brings. My son and my husband are very social people, and they’re finding it difficult, whereas my daughter and I are both introverts and have no problem with staying at home. There is a battle of noise v’s silence in my house at the moment and I’m sooooo very grateful for my noise-canceling headphones. LOL There is also an expected timeframe of up to six months (or says the Aus Govt) with my husband’s work being one of the first to close, last to open, and both my kids are seniors at high school trying to navigate online learning for their final year of schooling.  Anyway, it’s definitely interesting times in the Casa de Walker.

I understand that many parts of the world are struggling right now and I’m sending you all the love and positivity right now. May you have peace and good health.

Anyway, from mine to yours…


I have TWO translations out this week!! The fact my books are translated and released in other languages is sooooo amazing to me!!

The first being Red Dirt Heart in German. Yes, it had already been released (with the amazing help of the beautiful Betti Gefecht) but I have found the complete series a new home with my German publisher, Cursed Verlag.

Book One is out now, Book Two will be out in May, the other books to follow…

Amazon Link


The second translation out this week is the Italian translation of Red Dirt Heart Imago, the crossover where the Imago boys take a trip to Sutton Station.

My Italian publisher, the ever-wonderful Triskell Edizioni, is releasing Cuore di Terra Rossa Imago on the 15th April – just a few more days!!

Amazon Link

Triskell Edizioni 


My current WIP, book 2 in the Missing Pieces series, is at 38K words. It’s slow going because my productivity is almost nil, but I’m taking each day and any word count as a win. I’ve made a tentative release schedule for this series with the first book, Pieces of You, for maybe/possibly/could be May 22nd. I’ll keep you posted when that’s confirmed or changed. For full transparency, I’m hesitant to lock it in because of everything that’s going on right now and if for whatever reason I need to change that, I don’t want people to be disappointed.

I can’t remember if I have shared the cover to Book One so here it is!!  Pieces of You is 45,000 words, and I’ll share the blurb soon!!


Okay that’s it for this week. Please take care of yourself, stay at home if you can, and be kind to yourself and your loved ones, and I’ll see you all back here next week.

Until then…