Good Morning Monday ~ Cover and Blurb for Pieces of Me


I shared the gorgeous cover for Pieces of Me last week and now I can share the blurb!


Missing Pieces Series, Book Two

Justin’s recovery is slow, but any step forward is a win in Dallas’ eyes. Having always been a source of strength for Justin, even before the accident, Dallas is trying to find his feet again as he struggles to get some normalcy back in their lives.
But now, with added financial pressures and Justin’s ongoing medical needs, Dallas isn’t sure how much longer he can be the strong one.
As missing pieces of Justin’s memory return, Justin realises the physical side of their relationship is another piece of the puzzle he desperately wants to put back together. And as he gets to know Dallas all over again, he soon learns what his mind can’t remember, his heart can’t forget.


I can’t wait for everyone to continue along on this journey with Dallas and Justin. This book deals with the slowness and repetitiveness of the recovery from brain injury, and that’s the path which these boys are on. But they are one step closer to their HEA. 🙂

I’ve sent Book Three of the Missing Pieces series off to a beta reader before my editor gets to do her magic. And that means I get to start something very new, which is always exciting! I’m trying to be brave in starting something I’ve wanted to write for years but never felt like I could do it justice. Well, I’m going to try. It’ll be a long stand-alone book, and these characters have been very patient in waiting their turn. Fingers crossed I can do right by them. But I need to pump out some serious word counts to make it happen, so my time online might be a little scarce.

I’ll be back next week with a small excerpt from Pieces of Me. Please stay safe and be kind to yourself.

Until then…