Good Morning Monday and a Cover Reveal!

It’s been quite a week, and this will only be a super short post. I promised a cover reveal (and a title reveal for those who aren’t in my FB readers’ group who already know)… but I’m excited to share the last book in my Missing Pieces Series!! The blurb isn’t edited yet but I’ll share that asap!


Pieces of Us should be out July 24th. Please know that my lovely editor is laid up with a freshly broken ankle so I may have to push the release back a few days or a week if needed. Real life has to come first, and health is important. If it does look like I may have to reschedule the release, I’ll let everyone know ASAP.

All three covers together are gorgeous, and the paperbacks of the first two are striking. I can’t wait to have all three together!

Pretty sure Amazon is still having issues so chances are there will be a pre-order for Pieces of Us, once I’ve ensured that the editing and proofing is all on schedule.

Audio news!

After being dicked around by ACX (amazon’s audio platform) for three months, I’ve removed the audio files of Throwing Hearts from ACX and have uploaded them into Findaway Voices (audio distributor).  Australians can’t access ACX directly (I’ve bitched about that before LOL) and I’ve always been lucky enough to have a good friend with a publishing account act as my publisher through ACX, or I’ve had audios done through Tantor.

Using Findaway Voices allows me to self-pub audios and they distribute to over 40+ stores (scribd, libraries, nook, apple, audible etc). I used them for The Dichotomy of Angels audio and it took 3 weeks for it to be available everywhere. That being said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed Throwing Hearts will be out sometime this freaking year. LOL


But the Audio of Imago is OUT NOW!!



And the audios of Pieces of You (narrated by Glen Lloyd) and Sixty Five Hours (narrated by Nick Russo) are being done as I type this.  I’m hoping they’ll be out, all things going well, in August/Sept.

WIP update

Still slow-going but now at 24K. I do love these characters so much!! And I’ll share some details about them when I get further along – I always worry I’ll jinx myself if I speak too soon 😉

Please stay safe everyone! It’s a crazy, strange world at the moment. Please stay at home if you can, wash your hands, wear a mask, and be kind to yourself and others. The world needs love.