• Good Morning Monday ~ Quick Update on All The Things


    It’s been a few weeks, sorry. Truth is I haven’t had much to report. Life’s been crazy-busy and there hasn’t been much book-wise to talk about.

    My daughter graduates high school this week. Her official last day is Wednesday, then we have two weeks of school holidays, then she will have her final Higher School Certificate exams over the course of October. Yes, exams go for 3-4 weeks here. BUT she has been offered an early-acceptance into university for next year, so her stress levels aren’t anywhere near as high as they could have been. Thank GAWD! She’s been offered a double degree in Law and International Studies at her first choice uni, so she’s stoked. We always said she should be a lawyer because honestly, she was born arguing LOL

    And then my son begins his final year of school as well, and I honestly can’t wait for school to be over. I get asked a lot of I’m sad that my kids are finishing school but seriously no… I am cheering! I need this part of our lives to be over. After 13 years it’s time to move on.

    Okay, onto the book stuff…

    First of all, I want to express my relief that my latest manuscript (more info below) is with my editor (I should have edits this week, hopefully) and I’ve started my Christmas book! I normally don’t do Christmas but I really feeling it this year. I think I needed to write something sweet and fluffy and this book surely delivers. I think after this year, we could all use some sweet and fluffy romance 🙂  It’s currently at 25k words and should be around 40K all up. The two MCs are Ren and Hamish and I just love them to bits.


    OMG Throwing Hearts is FINALLY on Audible.

    F I N A L L Y

    This audio was first submitted to ACX/Audible back in MAY!  Yes, May of this year. That’s how long this argument with ACX has been going on. I was at the point where I was ready to pull the submission and just have it never listed on Audible. And just to explain what kind of nightmare it’s been (and what a shitshow ACX is right now) I received another email just yesterday saying they were declining to approve it AGAIN and then a few hours later, BAM! It magically appears on Audible. They are a hot freaking mess right now.

    But it is THERE!!!







    It’s been distributed to over 40 stores so please check your favourite retailer. Also, if you use your local library you can request this book and listen for FREE!


    The fantasy book I whinged about writing has a name! LOL  Lacuna should be out late October. I don’t have the proper blurb yet so I’ll share that asap. Aaaand as much as it almost killed me to write this book, I’m thinking there will be a second book! Don’t worry, Lacuna has a beginning, middle and end, and honestly, if book 2 never gets written, no one will be mad. But these characters are still a little bit chatty. I’ve had to put them on hold to write my Christmas book but we’ll see if they still want to chat after that…

    I don’t want to give too much away just yet. But I’ve wanted to write this book for years and I worry that I haven’t done it justice. I guess we’ll have wait and see. I will release the cover and blurb at the same time. Hopefully next week!!



    Just a reminder that if you’re on Facebook, you can join in the shenanigans in my readers’ group! There are always giveaways and sneak peeks of what I’m writing and I do share my covers in there first.

    You can find it at MY FACEBOOK READERS’ GROUP


    Much love, guys. Stay safe in this crazy world. 💙💙

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