Surprise Release ~ Imagoes, an Imago Series Short Story (and 99c sale on all Imago books)


Jack and Lawson are back!!

Imagoes is an Imago Series short story and it’s OUT NOW!!  Imagoes is 17,000 words, and takes place approximately 4-5 years after Red Dirt Heart Imago.  The gorgeous cover is made by Cover Affairs and the paperback will be available soon! I haven’t done a surprise release in years but I don’t think anyone will mind 😉


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When Jack receives a phone call from a colleague in the southeast of Tasmania with news of a newfound butterfly habitat, he and Lawson head off on another adventure.

It’s not an easy trek to the location. The Franklin-Gordon National Park is famous for wild rivers, rainforests, and rocky cliff faces, and they’ll need to hike and abseil—in the dead of winter—to get to the site.

It’s no ordinary expedition because this is no ordinary butterfly, and Jack and Lawson aren’t an ordinary couple.

Join Jack and Lawson on another quest in this short story of extraordinary butterflies and extraordinary love.



Imago and Imagines are just 99c as well!!  So is Red Dirt Heart Imago… THEY’RE ALL JUST 99c!!

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Thanks to everyone who made this possible!  See you all again on Monday for my usual Good Morning Monday post! Happy reading, stay safe, and be kind to yourself.