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    Twenty-five years ago, the hand of fate marked four newborns and sent them to the four corners of the Great Kingdoms. They were schooled and trained as rulers of their lands in preparation for the Golden Eclipse ceremony: a festival to celebrate a thousand years of peace and prosperity since the Great War.

    Crow, ruler of Northlands, a skilled swordsman and expert tactician, is as reclusive and stoic as the mountains that surround him. Tancho has spent his life in strict discipline, governing the Westlands with a fair mind and gentle hand. Quiet and unassuming, yet lethal in combat, he is the embodiment of the waters he lives by.

    Yet the same hand of fate unknowingly linked Tancho to Crow in ways they cannot comprehend. Ruled by the stars, the brother sun and the two sister moons above them, and marked by an alchemical sorcery as old as time, their destinies were never their own.

    As the eclipse draws near and the festival begins, word comes of another threat. Invaders from unknown lands bring a war no one was prepared for, and Crow and Tancho must decide on which side of the battle line they stand.

    In life or death, their destinies will see them joined either way.

    ~ Lacuna is a 92,000-word story of swords and sorcery, action and adventure, and romance.

  • Good Morning Monday! ~ Lacuna is now at all retailers for a short time!


    It’s February already! Crazy, right? But with it brings the return of some kind of routine. My son is back at school (his final year) and my daughter will be heading off to uni in two weeks. After the railroad that was 2020, I’m kinda looking forward to the routine again. I need to get back into the swing of things and meet some goals where my writing is concerned.

    I have some awesome badges to share as well! Every year, the folks at Goodreads M/M Readers Awards have polls and voting for books released throughout the year. Last year I scored a whole bundle, including the All-Time Favourite Author award.  Well, this year I was voted into the M/M Author Hall of Fame!! How craaaaazy is that?? Plus some awesome other awards as well!

    The awards were as follows:

    Hall of Fame
    Best Performance/Visual Arts
    Second place
    Throwing Hearts
    Best Contemp/mainstream
    Second place
    Pieces of You 
    Best Fantasy
    Second Place
    Best Hurt Comfort
    Second place
    Pieces of You
    Best cover
    Third place

    I’m honoured and very grateful to all my readers! Thank you all so much!


    In other news, Lacuna is now in wide distribution. As you’re all aware by now, I do try and cycle my books in and out of KU.

    You can find Lacuna at the following:




    Google Play


    Or check out your favourite retailer. If it’s not there, it will be coming soon. Sometimes roll-out takes a few extra days for some stores and locations.

    The audio of Pieces of Us is FINALLY at Audible. It took four months… And I apologise to my audible listeners for the delay BUT it’s there now! Here are the group links for all formats. You’ll find the audio links for all stores here, including Audible.

    So What’s Next?

    My next release will be around mid-March. It’s a 72,000 word standalone contemporary gay romance. My editor called it a “pure cozy-romance” and that sums it up nicely. It’s an anon-hookup to romance, there’s minimal drama and conflict which is what my heart needed to write. I’ll be sharing the blurb, title, and cover very soon so stay tuned!

    My current WIP is brand new. I actually started writing something else but shelved it and started this new one and it’s going so much better. It’s more angsty and I’m loving writing it!

    Fingers crossed I can pump out some better word-counts in February!

    Until next week… Much love to you all.


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