Bossy is OUT NOW!

Bossy is a fun and sexy 73,000-word romance. Michael and Bryce were SO much fun to write, and I hope you enjoy reading their story!





Michael Pietersen isn’t up for complications.

He’s one of Sydney’s fastest-moving career-focused corporate realtors, and the only thing he has time for is one-night stands with zero fuss.

Bryson Schroeder’s back home from two years overseas with plans to leave his family’s hotel empire and begin his own business ventures. Out with friends to celebrate his return, he sees a gorgeous blond man across the bar, and with merely a smile and a raised eyebrow, they leave together for a night of incredible chemistry.

The rules are clear: no names, no details, no complications.

But one night becomes one more night, and eventually the arrangement suits them both for weeks . . . until their professional and personal worlds collide. With their hearts already on the line, Michael and Bry need to decide just how complicated they want to get.


The audio should be out soon! Glen LLoyd is narrating and it’s perfection!