Code Blue Release Day! Jeremy & Steeeeeve!



The highly anticipated sequel to Code Red is HERE!  I’m so excited for you all to read this book! I adored writing these boys, all 115K words of them.

The audio is coming soon! Probably March/April-ish. Nick Russo will be narrating and I can’t wait!!  This is the final Atrous book… It’s a two-book series/duo.

Code Blue bullet points:

💙 Bodyguard / pop star

💙 Bi-awakening

💙 Sexual tension

💙 Oh no, a stalker!

💙 Oh damn, a health scare!

💙 A big pile of steaming, gooey happy ever after!


Steve Frost had dreams of wearing the national championship belt in mixed martial arts, maybe even going pro, but instead, finds himself working as a security guard for the rich and famous in LA.

Quickly earning a reputation for his blunt and precise people management skills, he lands a position on the security team for an up-and-coming boyband, Atrous. Years later, he’s head of security. He knows these boys, and with countless tours, flights, car trips, public events, concerts, he’s closer to one band member in particular.

Jeremy’s been a pillar for Atrous since day one, but even more so these last few months. Now the face of the band more than ever, he’s also got himself the attention of a delusional stalker-fan.

When the fame and stress become too much, when Jeremy’s health takes a hit, Steve becomes Jeremy’s lifeline. But as Jeremy knows already, and as Steve is about to learn, not even the brightest star can shine forever.



For a very short time, you can get CODE RED for just 99c!  This is for FOUR DAYS ONLY so be quick!




Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy the Atrous Series!

Quick WIP update:  For some stupid reason my brain has decided it shall try writing two books at the same time LOL This is bound to end in disaster and I’m presuming one will take over and become the main focus, but for now I’m writing one dark and gritty book, and one super fluffy book LOL

Next book update:  My next book is done and should be out in April. It’s a super Australian quirky fun, and I love, love LOVED writing it! More on that soon!

EDINBURGH RARE UPDATE:  I will be attending the signing!! Yay!!! (It’s a 26-hour flight so pray for me LOL)  BUT I will not have books at the event. I have cancelled all pre-orders and sent refunds to anyone who has paid. I will have swag to give away and am MORE than happy to sign anything (just not blank cheques LOL)

Thanks again,

Until next time…

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