• FREEBIE ALERT! One Day Only…

    Point of No Return is 10 years old today!

    This book has been through a lot: two different publishers, many covers, many editions. I finally got the rights back and had new forever-covers made in 2017… it seems like a lifetime ago.

    Matt and Kira were my first original fiction boys that I ever wrote. I fully intended to write another fanfiction but these boys in my head were new to me and had their own story to tell. And I’d had many fanfic readers telling me I should write original fiction – so I did.

    And Matt and Kira were born.

    Ten whole years ago. What a crazy ride it’s been.

    For their 10th birthday, I wanted to share this book with everyone. It will be free for ONE DAY ONLY!

    And it’s already the 28th in Australia so grab it now! 

    Oh, and it’s whispersynced for audio – so if you love audio, grab it while it’s super cheap. Narrated by Sean Crisden, and he did an amaaaazing job.




    To celebrate Asexual Awareness Week, Upside Down is just 99c (based on Amazon USD, sorry). It’ll be back to full price by Monday so be quick to grab it!




  • Learning Curve is OUT NOW!



    I’m so excited to have Vincent and Cobey out in the world! The reception has really blown me away – Learning Curve went to #1 in 10 countries within 24 hours of release! And it went to #6 in the entire Australia Amazon store, and #8 in the entire Canadian store. Just craaaazy!!

    I sent out the newsletter with the buylinks in it last week, and I’ll add them here now. I really hate the idea of over-spamming people and the idea of sending a newsletter AND a blog post makes me feel extra spammy LOL  So I’m sorry if you’re getting both.

    But I didn’t want my blog readers to miss out.

    There are also two different versions of paperbacks available!


    You can choose from either the standard pink cover which matches the ebook, or you can choose the special edition illustrated cover!  The internal content is exactly the same. We just thought it would be a fun inclusion for the series – and both covers turned out amazing! As you can see from this photo I took, both covers are faaaabulous!

    May be an image of 1 person and book


    You can find them at Amazon, or check your favourite online retailer. These were distributed through IngramSpark and therefore will be appearing soon at stores like B&N, Target Online, and Walmart Online (not in-store) and most other book retailers. These links are to amazon:




    Okay that’s all for today! I hope everyone has been keeping well 🙂  I’ll be at a book signing in Melbourne this coming weekend, which I’m most excited about. Then I need to hide in my writing cave for a while and finish my current WIP. Please take care, and stay safe!

    Until next time…

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