Touch the Lightning release day! Storm Boys Series is now complete!


Thank you to everyone who has joined Tully and Jeremiah on this crazy adventure!


Without a working office, Jeremiah is tasked with repairing the automated weather station on Oxley Island. It’s remote, only accessible by boat, and with there being a good chance of crocodiles, he’s dreading it.

Tully, on the other hand, can’t wait.

With a boat licence, his dad’s boat, and two days alone with Jeremiah—and with thunderstorms likely—to Tully, it’s another perfect adventure.

But their plans go awry when Jeremiah’s research gets far too close for comfort. Thirty years ago, the day his life was touched by lightning, he was changed forever.

It’s about to change again, only this time he’s determined to set things right.


You can find Touch The Lightning HERE

or check out the whole Storm Boys Series HERE



I’ve been playing around with some illustrated covers lately, and when I had some character illustrations done for Tully and Jeremiah, I loved them so much I asked the artist (the very talented Christine Marie) if we could make them into covers… and she said yes! The original covers (made by Paper & Sage) are just as gorgeous, and all editions will start appearing at your favourite retailer soon – if not already.

I’ll provide the Amazon links for ease/speed but if you have another preferred retailer, please give the title plus ‘alternative cover’ a quick search in their search function.

Illustrated Paperback Links:

Outrun the Rain

Into the Tempest

Touch the Lightning

Original Paperback Links: (these are universal links, select Paperback)

Outrun the Rain

Into the Tempest

Touch the Lightning

And let’s not forget the gorgeous prequel, Second Chance at First Love

Original cover by N.R. Walker. Illustrated cover by Ashley Quick

Original Cover

Illustrated Cover


That’s all for now – thank you for reading this far LOL

Quick update:  My WIP is at 80K words and it was supposed to be 65K words completed but they’re not done yet so I have no clue when I should finish it. Hoping for a Sept-Oct release. It’s titled EWB (Enemies with Benefits).  Will update you all again soon!

Until then!

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