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  • To Will Parkinson… Twelfth of Never – Blind Faith 3.5

    Over the last year, Will Parkinson (the man, not the character from Blindside) has pestered hounded harassed encouraged me to write a little more of the Blind Faith series. And while it might not be a full novel, I have done a very short (as in only 8500 words) FREE Christmas story instead to shut him up make him happy. 🙂

    Will has demanded requested demanded Mark and Will (the characters, not the men) become parents. But we all know Mark doesn’t have a clue paternal side, and truthfully I just didn’t see Mark filling that role. He is, after all, a child himself.

    So what we have, is this…

    Christmastime coffee


    The very beautiful cover was made my the VERY talented and awesome Sara York. I am so blessed to have her skills representing my books.  


    Will Parkinson has been with Mark Gattison for five years and, in his words, there has never been a dull moment. Will has always been the serious one, the responsible one. Mark is the irresponsible man-child who loves nothing more than to make people smile.

    But Will has an ache for something Mark won’t give him.

    Until he does.

    Join Will, Mark, Carter, Isaac and Brady, Hannah and her family (and some other special guests for Christmas) and have yourself a Merry Twelfth of Never.

    Now, what’s with the title you ask?

    Well, Will bloody Parkinson has asked me so many times when the next Blind Faith book was coming out, that I eventually gave him an expected release date of, yes you guessed it, the Twelfth of Never.  Which, for those who don’t know, means IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, WILL, SO STFU ALREADY  it’s not likely to happen.

    But it did happen.

    And I hope you love this little insight into the Blind Faith family’s future.

    Oh, and there’s a guest appearance in this book from another couple of mine who some people have been dying to see more of. It’s only very brief, but we see how happy they are, and I must extend a very warm thank you to Totally Bound for allowing these characters to turn up in another book.

    Disclaimer: This book has NOT been professionally edited. My very awesome writing buddies looked it over for me and fixed it, but any and all remaining errors and typos are mine. This little story is also free. So if you do find a typo or a continuity error, just smile and wave, k?

    Another disclaimer: This is it, Will. There is no more. Their story is done. Kaput. Fin. Just because I like you doesn’t mean I won’t inflict bodily harm. 



    This book will be available from All Romance eBooks  HERE  from December 12th.

    It will not be on Amazon, because I don’t want anyone to have to buy it before Amazon will reduce the price to zero.  I will also be adding it here to by blog after December 12th. Check the pages menu under Books > Blind Faith.

    Much, much love <3 <3  And please, have yourself a very safe and merry Twelfth of Never.

  • Blind Faith Teaser…

    Here’s a little snippet of Blind Faith.  I wrote this while I was at work, and it’s rough and completely un-edited.  

    Without further adieu, I’d like you to meet Carter Reece and Isaac Brannigan. 


    I was still mad when I got to work the next day.  His behaviour dumfounded me. We’d had the best afternoon, and the more time I spent with Isaac, the more I realized I liked him.  Not just liked… I admired him.

    But his moods turned on a dime, and he had a sting in his temper. 

    I had no doubt it was a defence mechanism of some sort, and I could understand that.  But I had no idea what had changed, what I said, what I did, what triggered his tirade at me.
    I hardly slept a wink because I replayed the conversation over and over in my head, and by morning I was tired and cranky, and quite frankly, pissed off at him.

    I gave up on sleep and took Missy for an early morning walk with hopes of clearing my head, and I didn’t technically have to work being a Sunday, but figured I may as well get my head around the Animal Hospital now that Dr. Fields was gone.  By mid-morning, I’d done near a whole day’s work and was feeling pretty good.  Tired, but good.

    Until Rani put her head around my office door and interrupted me. “Dr. Reece?”

    “Yes, Rani?”

    “Phone call, line two,” she said quietly, obviously not sure if I was officially on duty.  “It’s Isaac Brannigan. I told him you weren’t the vet on call today, but he insisted.”

    Insisted.  I bet he did.

    I gave Rani a smile.  “Thanks. I’ll take it.”

    She left and I stared at the blinking button on the phone.  I really had no idea what this phone call would entail, whether he was calling to make a complaint against me, tell me he’d like referrals to another not-gay vet, or apologize. 

    With Isaac, I’d gather any of those three options were likely.  I sighed when I realized it could very well be all three.

    I picked up the handset and pressed the flashing button.  “Hello, Carter Reece speaking.”

    There was a fraction of silence. “Um, Carter, it’s Isaac.  Isaac Brannigan.”

    His voice sounded sheepish, even a little sorry.  I still played it professional until I knew which way the conversation would go. “Isaac, what can I do for you?”

    “I didn’t think you were working today,” he said. “I’ve been calling your cell phone, but it just goes to voice mail.”

    I pulled my phone out of my pocket.  “Oh, it was switched to silent,” I said absently.  There were three missed calls from him.  One last night, two this morning.  Then something dawned on me. “Is Brady okay?”

    Isaac cleared his throat.  “Oh, he’s fine,” he replied softly.  “That’s not why I wanted to speak to you.”

    I took a deep breath and asked the loaded question. “Why did you want to speak to me, Isaac?”

    He cleared his throat again and I thought I could hear him fidget, or shift in his seat.  “I wanted to apologize.”

    I still couldn’t believe what he’d said. “Apologize?”

    “Yes,” he lamented.  “I was rude to you, and I’m sorry.”

    “Isaac, it’s fine,” I told him, though I’m sure my tone said otherwise.

    “No, it’s not.” 

    “Isaac,” I started, but he cut me off. 

    “Could you come over?” he asked quickly.  “I know it’s a lot to ask, all things considered, but I’ll make lunch.  It’s the least I can do.”

    I rubbed my temples.  “Um…”

    “Around one-ish?”

    “You don’t hear the word no very often, do you?”

    “Uh,” he stopped.  “Not very often, no.”

    I smiled.  “Fine.  I should be done around one-thirty. See you then.”  I was still smiling when I hung up on him.  I could have been there at his specified one o’clock but figured I’d make him wait. 

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