• It’s Release Day for Davo!


    The idea for this story came to me when I saw that cover image. As soon as I saw it, I just knew he had a story… A rugged mining man in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. He was tough, smart, loved by everyone, and he simply loved to wear skirts.

    No shame, no apologies.

    I wanted to write a story where what a man wears wasn’t an issue, where everyone accepted it like it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

    And so the story of Davo was born…

    Davo is a *very* Aussie name. Pronounced Day-vo, short for David. The town Pannalego, pronounced Panna-lee-go, was a highlight for me to write. I adored these characters, every one of them. Also very Australian, and if anyone has spent time in the outback where a town where a roadhouse is the hub, you can just FEEEEEL these characters.

    I hope you enjoy them too!



    When Fergus Galloway takes on a research trip to a tiny mining town in the far Western Australian outback, he’s as far from Sydney as he can get.

    Which is entirely the point.

    He arrives in Pannalego totally unprepared for the baking heat, unprepared for the people who call it home, unprepared for the craziness and the laughs. And absolutely unprepared for the man he meets there who steals his heart.

    Davo is a mining man, as rugged as he is gorgeous. Loves his found family, loves where he lives, and loves his life. He also loves the feel of soft fabric on his skin.

    What was supposed to be a short field trip changes Fergus’s life. Going to a place many call uninhabitable might turn out to be the only place he wants to live.