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    Today I’m at the lovely Morticia Knight’s blog talking about my new release Breaking Point which hits Amazon and ARe today! 

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  • Long, Deep, but Quick! Guest post by Posy Roberts


    The challenges of writing a series are many. One of the hardest parts is finding the mojo to keep on going. Another is to remember all the little details ages after your head has been away from your story.

    I thought I’d avoided these two struggles by writing North Star all at once. But the details to remember when writing over 300,000 words are daunting. I set up story arcs in book 1, Spark, that aren’t going to be concluded until book 3, Flare (released January 13th).

    Fusion was released this week. This is the second book in my trilogy, and it is the entire reason I wrote this series in the first place. I had a friend tell me some awful news that got me plotting a story as we walked around the lake a few springs ago. I knew the story couldn’t start where Fusion does, so I wrote a lot of backstory in Spark.


    I ended up writing so much backstory of Kevin Magnus and Hugo Thorson’s teen love story, that I was able to adapt portions of Spark and add a whole lot more to their story to be released as a Young Adult title. Private Display of Affection will be released by Harmony Ink Press December 12th, and I’m even considering writing another book to follow up on that and to cover Kevin and Hugo’s senior year in high school. So what started out as three very carefully planned books has now blown up into five.

    As N.R. and anyone else who has written a series knows, it can be far more challenging than writing a stand alone book. It’s wonderful to be able to go farther and deeper with these characters though. I almost feel as if they are very close friends.

    I’ve even had pre-readers and editors ask a question or two about something that happened these books, and I could write paragraphs on the thought process behind my Hugo’s reasoning. It’s crazy! It’s wonderful! I have loved getting so fully immersed in these characters’ minds.

    And yet, I’m very much aware of what it’s like being a reader of a series or a trilogy. I remember waiting years between Harry Potter books. For some it was easy to put the story out of my mind, but for other books, it was nearly impossible.

    That’s why I wrote North Star all at once and submitted the novel in quick succession with my publisher. I didn’t want to make readers wait. I also didn’t want to lose my motivation or get too far away from Kevin and Hugo. I’m already going to have a hell of a time letting Hugo go. I think I’ve fallen for him, and if he weren’t gay, I’d be hitting up every drag club and theater in Minneapolis looking for my fictional character.

    So if you don’t like to wait, you don’t have very long to wait with North Star. Spark and Fusion are already out there waiting for you to read them. Flare will be coming in less than two months.

    Squee! I can’t wait for them all to be in print. I’m so excited to take a photo of all three books side by side. That will be a wonderful day for me to see this seed of an idea come to life in actual books.

    God I love being a writer!


    How do you tell your friends and family you’ve fallen in love with a man when they’ve only ever known you as straight? How do you explain to your kids that you loved their mother very much, but your new partner is your best friend from high school?

    Kevin Magnus must figure it out while trying to build a relationship with Hugo Thorson, whose bigger than life, out-and-proud drag queen persona is simply too big to be contained in a closet—even for the time it takes Kevin to come up with an explanation for his kids and Erin, his soon-to-be ex-wife.

    But Erin faces an even bigger obstacle—one that shakes the entire family to the core. When she unexpectedly turns to Hugo, they form a connection that forces Hugo to grow up and offers Kevin the chance to become the kind of father he wants to be. Despite the coming complications, they’ll all benefit from a fortunate side effect: it becomes clear that Hugo is very much a part of this unconventional family.

    Twitter: @posyroberts
    Tumblr: (NSFW)
    Dreamspinner Author Page

  • Five Minutes with debut author A.E. Via

     Welcome to my blog!  Tell us about you.

    I’m a mother of four children: 18 yr old, 14 yr old, 11 yr old, and a 5 yr old. My kids and husband are fun and awesome.  When I’m not busy running my paralegal-for-hire business that I operate out of my home, I try to spend the time with them.

    My business does keep me pretty busy. I basically prepare and file complete bankruptcy petitions for people who can’t afford to hire an attorney…so needless to say, I stay pretty busy.

     When did you start writing?

     I actually began putting my thoughts on paper early last year.

     What do you love about writing?

    I love where my writing takes me. It’s like my own Narnia of erotic gay world. I can put myself in scenes and see and feel the emotions of my men. Hope it doesn’t sound crazy, but someone can literally be calling my name and I won’t hear them at all. I only hear the tapping of my laptop keys and my men’s voices.

     Biggest pet peeve about writing?

     Definitely would be being interrupted. Or if you mean something else; probably my biggest peeve would be when I have a scene in my head, but I lack the words I really want to describe it, and I have to edit, over, and over again. It happens often, I wasn’t an English major in college.

     Most hated word in the English language?


    Three most played song on your iPod? 

    Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5; I’m Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO; A lot of Prince (I only listen to my IPod when I work it. LOL) 

     Last movie you watched? 

    The Internship – Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson 

    You’re hosting a dinner party. Name the five people, alive or dead, you’d love to have at your table. 

    That’s easy.

    Author G.A. Hauser, Author Draven St. James, Author S.E. Jakes, Adult Entertainer Chad Brock and the late great Author ELynn Harris 

    Best advice you’ve ever been told? 

    Stop doubting yourself and just write already. (Said by one of the wisest men I know…my husband) 

    Stop worrying about the past…it’s done. You can’t change it, so focus on your future. 

    Biggest regret? 

    Starting college so late. I finished my Bachelors in Sociology, but would’ve liked a Masters in English too…time got by me. 

    Craziest thing you’ve ever done? 

    Skinny dipping in our neighborhood’s public pool. Shucked my clothes and went for it. However, when someone called the cops, it was too dark to find where I threw my damn clothes.  Yep…awkward…my friends have never let me forget that. 

    Place you’d love to visit? 

    First place would be: Chicago. I’d love to run into adult entertainer Chad Brock. He’s definitely my muse. 

    Second would be New Orleans. The city is so vibrant and rich with culture. 

    Most famous person you’ve ever met? 

    President Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Virginia. I shook his hand and he said thank you to me for coming. It was very surreal. 

    Three random facts about you that your readers don’t know? 

    I have terrible insomnia and can only fall asleep if Golden Girls is on television. I have over seventy episodes on my DVR.

     I have a fragrance fetish. I love smelling men (upper region only people…geez).  I’m not scared to tell a man he smells divine. They love that too.

     My readers may be able to tell by my writing…but I’m pretty obsessed with gay men, and not just gorgeous ones either. 

    Where do you write? (dining table, office, sofa, coffee shop etc)

     I mostly write in my bedroom in my recliner. Honestly, I can write anywhere: In Starbucks, in my car in line at the bank, in the sauna, at dinner…etc. I keep a journal in my purse at all times. I can take quick notes anywhere.

     From what/where do you find inspiration?

     I can find it in almost anything. When I hear an awesome song, if I see a couple’s display of affection, watching television, working out, or starring into space. My mind is constantly turning and forming a story. 

    Favourite book of all time?

     Some would think that’s a hard question, especially to someone that reads three to four books a week, but this is the easiest question ever. It’s hands down the incomparable novel ‘Invisible Life’ by the late great Elynn Harris. It was my first gay romance novel. I read it when I was nineteen years old; I’ve been hooked on the genre every since. 

    What’s next for you?  Any current WIP’s we should know about?

     My next novel is a m/m/m ménage erotic entitled ‘You Can See Me.’ It’s currently contracted by Amira Press Publishing and I’m already on the first round of edits. You can read the synopsis and its reviews on my official website.

     Tell us about your new release?

     Blue Moon Cover_453x680

    Angel DeLucca is one of the most sought after gay bachelors in Virginia Beach. He’s smart successful, lethal, and more than anything he’s drop dead gorgeous. Angel has his pick of the men that come to his popular Oceanfront night club, but lately the one night stands haven’t been enough…Angel craves something deeper. When a one night hook-up goes terribly wrong, Angel comes into contact with the breathtaking Maximus (Max) Strong.

    Max is a firefighter for the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Max is beautiful, charming, and also very straight. One meeting with the mysteriously, sexy Angel DeLucca and a whiff of that silky, jet black hair, Max finds himself questioning everything he’s known to be true about himself. Max tries desperately to understand the new feelings he has for another man and turns to his gay, older brother…Ryker.

    Ryker has always been Max’s protector and his guide their entire lives, which has left him feeling uncared for and alone to handle his own life’s problems. Ryker craves to be taken care of, he craves the attention and praise of a Master. No one knows the dark desires within him until Angel’s Chief of Security, Sebastian ‘Bass’ Bagatelli, shatters that secret with their first intense encounter.

    How will Angel win the heart of the straight firefighter that was tailor-made just for him? Will Max be able to continue denying his feelings for another man? Can Ryker and Bass get through their personal issues to take and receive what they both need from each other? Or will they each give up on a happiness that appears too good to be true?

    These men’s stories will unravel in a whirlwind of romance, bdsm, revelations, lots of action and very hot sex, co-starring very entertaining supporting characters.


    Blue Moon Excerpt:

    Blue Moon – Too Good To Be True

    Excerpt from Chapter 4 

    Max saw Pierce, three police officers, and the Incident Commander talking to a man who from behind looked like one of those underwear models for Calvin Klein. He was sure it was a man despite the beautiful black hair reaching to his round ass. What the hell? Why would I call a guy’s hair beautiful? Or describe his ass? Shit, anyone would notice him, I mean he doesn’t look like any man I’ve ever seen. Max couldn’t help but notice the expensive black slacks that tapered at the man’s narrow waist and hugged his butt. The silky, black short-sleeved collared shirt looked like someone had grabbed the man from behind because it was pretty wrinkled in the back.

    Max made his way to the commotion just in time to see Pierce put up both his hands in a placating gesture, trying to speak calmly to the irate man. “Sir, I know you’re upset, but yelling at us is not going to help. We need to get some more information from you so we can try to locate him.”

    “Yes, so one more time, Mr. DeLucca. Why was the gentleman in question up in your personal office if he wasn’t staff?” a police officer interrupted Pierce’s rationalization. His lip turned up in disgust, already assuming the answer and not the least bit affected by the harsh glare radiating from the man’s dangerous, smoky brown eyes.

    “I’ve told you twice already. I’m beginning to think you’re just getting off on my fucking story! The man approached me downstairs, we exchanged words, he asked me if we could go someplace a little quieter, and I directed him to my office.”

    Max watched the dark man try to quench his anger while he recounted the events that took place right before his alarm was pulled. His staff began making their way back in, but they kept looking over at them with concern on their faces. Max could see Mr. DeLucca was trying to stay calm, perhaps for their sakes. However, his red face couldn’t hide his anger…or his humiliation.

    “So what exactly were you doing up there in the quiet office, Mr. DeLucca?” Nasty cop again.

    It was obvious to Max and everyone listening that the cop wasn’t in favor of Mr. DeLucca’s sexual preference. The cop had a hard scowl on his face to match his suspect’s menacing stare. Only the cop’s dull green eyes were not as enticing as Mr. DeLucca’s chocolate irises. The cop braced his legs apart as if ready to react if need be.

    Max made direct eye contact with the angry club owner, and he immediately felt as if he was put into a trance. The pupils in the man’s eyes were so dark that they practically drowned out his sclera. Max could barely see the white in the man’s gaze. Max squirmed uncomfortably. After too many minutes he managed to break the contact as he looked around to see if anyone else noticed their silent exchange. Holy Shit. Why the hell is he staring at me like that? Fuck me. He looks so damn intense. Fuck.

    “Mr. DeLucca, over here.”

    Max saw the cop rudely snapping his fingers in front of Mr. DeLucca like he was a child, making him break the mojo he was working on Max. “I must have to ask you again, since you are focused on other things. What were you doing in your quiet office with the alleged man?”

    “Playing goddamn Monopoly…what the fuck do you think we were doing?” DeLucca growled back hard.

    Max couldn’t help but chuckle at the serious man’s witty reply.

    “Is there something you want to interject here, Mr. Strong, because I’m trying to question a suspect?” The cop gave Max an angry look for his little outburst. Max felt his face heat to a sweltering temperature. Dammit, now I’m sweating.

    “Actually, Sergeant Strong is here to take a statement from the owner of this establishment, who we understand now to be a victim of vandalism,” Pierce interjected before Max could respond. His best friend always had his back.

    Max didn’t speak, waiting for the officer to digest that Max had a higher rank than him at this scene. The cop had no choice but to stop interrogating Mr. DeLucca until after Max was done talking to him. Max had his own questions to ask and his forms needed signatures so his firefighters could be released to leave the scene. He was sure the officer knew the protocol because he flipped his notebook closed and stomped off with his posse following on his heels.

    Now that the homophobic interrogation team was gone, that left Max and his best friend Pierce. Finally, Max was able to address the interesting looking man. “Good evening Mr. DeLucca, I am Serg—”

    “Call me Angel,” he interjected swiftly, uncrossing his nice sized arms from over his strong chest. His posture was a lot less defensive now, appearing to Max that he was comfortable talking with him.

    Angel…huh…that’s fitting. Max found himself blinking rapidly at his last thought. Jesus. Get it together man. There’s no reason why this man should be flustering me like this. He’s just a man. He had to clear his throat a couple of times before he could continue. Max was always commended on the professionalism he exhibited when on a scene. Even the most irate victims—whose home and possessions were burning down to ash right in front of their faces—responded to Max’s calm demeanor.

    “I wish I could say it was a good evening Sergeant Strong…but whatever. What questions do you need answered? I’m sure your men have more important and pressing issues to attend to. Despite what that asshole cop was insinuating, if I didn’t invite that guy up then he never would have left disappointed enough to do what he did. I apologize that you and your men had to waste your time.”

    Max was still staring at Angel closely, as he was slowly mesmerized by the way Angel’s full lips formed his intelligent words. The man was admitting his fuckup, but still did it in a way that showed his regality and strength. Max just stared slack-jawed, not knowing how to respond to Angel’s confession.

    Max even forgot Pierce was still standing there as he heard his friend loudly clear his throat before speaking. His best friend tried unsuccessfully to hide his amused smirk.


    “Umm…Angel, is it? It’s quite all right. None of what happened tonight was your fault. I’m sure once Max picks his lip up off your bar he will somehow manage to get his forms signed and take care of everything for you.” Pierce looked comically at Max. “Uhhh, yeah…Max, I’m going to clear the scene and have the rigs head back to the station. I’ll leave you the SUV. It’s parked in the alley on the side.” Pierce laughed as he headed to the front entrance.

    Max knew his face had to be bright red at being caught gawking at the beautiful man. He pulled his gaze from Angel and began spreading out his forms on the bar top. Max regrettably had to clear his throat again before speaking.

    “Mr. DeLuc…I mean Angel,” he switched up. “Would you mind terribly signing these documents for me? They simply state that the alarm was not pulled by you or a member of your staff but was an act of malice by one of your patrons. That eliminates you for being cited for inciting a crowd or for a false alarm. You can also begin to let your customers back in if you wish.”

    “Sure,” Angel said. He came to stand directly beside Max at the bar and reached his hand out to take the offered pen.

    Max was immediately overwhelmed with the enticing smell of coconuts, and suddenly wanted to ask the bartender for a piña colada. Damn, why the hell does he smell like that? Max found himself taking an unconscious sniff in the man’s direction. It must have not been very discreet, because the striking man paused midsignature and slowly raised his smoldering eyes to meet Max’s.

    “Do you like the way I smell, Sergeant Strong?” he purred with deep sensuality.

    “What…um…no…well…uh, no I wasn’t smelling you,” Max lied.

    “Don’t lie to me,” Angel demanded with a sexy smirk playing on his sinful lips.

    Max shivered and dropped his eyelids involuntarily. Okay, this can’t be happening to me right now. I’m not attracted to men. Max chanted that statement in his head several times, but his body was evidence to the contrary. Max’s cock was at half-mast and he was hyperaware of the ticklish droplets of sweat dripping behind his ears. He could not figure out why he was responding to this man this way. He looked Angel directly in his face since they were both about the same height.

    “Why did the man leave your office so disappointed?” Max asked the question before he could think better of it. Damn! Why the fuck did I ask him that? Shit. It was Angel’s damn eyes that were screwing up his brain-to-mouth filter.

    If Angel was shocked by his question he didn’t show it. He stepped in closer to Max, leaving only a few inches between them, and answered without hesitation. “He wanted something from me that he didn’t deserve, and I wasn’t willing to give him.”

    “And what was that?” Max whispered, now intrigued.




    Links to A.E. Via

     Official Website:

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    A.E. Via’s Blog:

    Goodreads Author Page:

    Google Plus:



    Author Bio

    A.E. Via graduated in May of 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Virginia Wesleyan College.

    She’s a new author to the beautiful gay erotic genre. Her writing embodies everything from spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths. 

    When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, A.E. runs a very successful paralegal-for-hire business and in her spare time, she devotes herself to her family – a husband and four children – her two pets, a Maltese dog and her white Siamese cat, ELynn, named after the late great gay romance author ELynn Harris.

    While Blue Moon is her first novel, she has plenty more to come…so sit back and grab a cool drink, because the male on male action is just heating up!



  • Five minutes with Annabelle Jacobs!


    Tell us about you.

    I’m a wife, mother, and if I had my way I’d have a houseful of cats too.

    What do you love about writing?

    I love the freedom to create my own worlds and my own characters. That’s why I love writing fantasy and paranormal stories. You can choose to write about anything you like and just let your imagination run wild.

    Biggest pet peeve about writing?

    That I can’t get my ideas out fast enough. I have lots of stories floating around in my head, just waiting to be written, and I really wish I could write faster. I want to be writing all of them at once, and it’s hard to stick to one storyline and get it finished before starting on the next.

    Three most played songs on your iPod?

    Adele – Skyfall

    Muse – Uprising

    Cold Play – Lost

    Last movie you watched?

    World War Z – I do love Brad Pitt, and I’d watch him in anything (or nothing). It was the best film I’ve seen in a while, and I may have hidden behind my hands at some bits!

    Biggest regret?

    I try not to regret things I’ve done, or not done. There’s no way to change it, and it will only frustrate me no end to think of it and wish I’d done things differently. But yeah, while that’s fine in theory, there are a couple of relationships I wish I’d handled better when I was young and naïve.

    Place you’d love to visit?

    Ooh, there are lots of places I’d love to visit. I’d love to go to Australia; one of my friends moved out there a few years ago, and the photos he sends me make me incredibly jealous.

    Where do you write?

    I usually write sitting on my sofa. It’s ridiculously comfortable, and I like to have music on low in the background. Admittedly sometimes I do just want to close my eyes and nap, but isn’t that what sofas are for?

    From what/where do you find inspiration?

    I think of stories ideas when I’m walking to the shops or exercising mostly.  I need something to occupy my mind or make the time go quicker, so that’s when I tend to come up with most of my plots.  I get so caught up in them sometimes, that I forget what I’m supposed to be doing though, which can be embarrassing in the middle of my Zumba class.

    Favourite book of all time?

    Oh, I couldn’t possibly choose just one! It’s probably easier to pick my favourite authors. I love Anne Rice and I’ve read her books many, many times over – particularly ‘The Witching hour’. Also Raymond E. Feist, and George R. R. Martin.

    But my favourite books of recent times have got to be the Captive Prince books by S.U. Pacat. I’ve read them both twice now, and when the third ones comes out, I will read them all over again. They are utterly fabulous.

    What’s next for you?  Any current WIP’s we should know about?

    At the minute I’m working on the third book in my fantasy trilogy. It’s about Nykin, a dragon rider in the Torserian army, and his growing relationship with the handsome Prince. There’s also sassy dragons, magic, flirty elves and a lot of leather.

    The first book comes out Jan/Feb 2014.

    Tell us about your new release?


    My first novel came out on Oct 18th. It’s a romantic fantasy, and follows the journey of Jerath, and his best friend Serim, as they struggle to help save their village. They meet a band of hunters on their way, and Jerath strikes up a relationship with their young leader, Meren.


    Jerath is facing the biggest problem of his life. When boys in his shapeshifter village Eladir get their fangs, they must endure a coming-of-age rite called the Choosing, so they can take on their animal form. The rite is performed on the full moon, but the trouble is, the Choosing involves having sex with a girl, and Jerath’s only interested in boys. Even if he manages to somehow get through the rite, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever find a mate in his village, where opposite-sex couples are the norm.

    Even worse, he may miss the rite altogether after raiders attack his home and take several young men prisoner. Jerath will need the help of warriors if he’s to free the captive shapeshifters, so with his best friend, Serim, he flees south to find aid. Along the way, they meet Meren, a handsome warrior whose attraction to Jerath is instant and very much returned. But with the next full moon approaching and available time for the prisoners to undergo the Choosing running out, Jerath’s love life is far from his only worry.

     Where can we find you?




    Buy links :

    Dreamspinner Press :

    Amazon US :

    Amazon UK :

    All Romance ebooks :

  • Five minutes with Jay Northcote

    Five minutes with Jay Northcote

    When did you start writing?

    I used to like writing stories when I was a kid, but then I lost the habit as a teen and didn’t write any fiction for years. I rediscovered the joy of it when I started writing fanfiction as a hobby a few years ago, then I got hooked. 

    What do you love about writing?

    I think my favourite part of writing is when I get into that kind of writing trance where the words are just falling out of my head onto the page almost faster than my fingers can type, and the story is just flowing. I’m almost not even consciously thinking about it, it just kind of happens and it feels as though the characters are in the driving seat rather than me. It’s an amazing feeling–very satisfying. 

    Biggest pet peeve about writing?

    How hard it can be to get started sometimes. If I’m feeling negative about my words I just think myself into a corner and can’t get out. Being blocked is horrible. I also hate editing. Going through the words with a fine-toothed comb is so much less fun than splurging them all out in the first place, it’s a shame it’s so necessary! 

    Most hated word in the English language?

    Pustule *shudders* 

    Three most played songs on your iPod?

    That would definitely be some of the ones on my gym/workout playlist because I listen to that more than anything. So it’s probably Pink: Slut Like You, Flo Rida: Whistle and Rihanna: Rude Boy, because those are currently my three favourite tracks to get sweaty to. 

    Last movie you watched?

    That was Freaky Friday with my hubs and the kids on a family movie night. They laughed at me because I cried during the wedding speeches scene. Don’t judge me; I’m a ridiculously emotional person.


    Biggest regret?

    Not travelling more overseas before I had kids. I love travelling with them, but it costs twice as much so limits where we can go and how often we can do it. 

    Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

    One that I’m also prepared to share here? Well I guess shaving all my hair off to half an inch long all over and dying it shocking pink was pretty crazy. I had to do it in the summer holidays because I was a teacher at the time and it probably wouldn’t have gone down too well during term time. Then the day after I dyed it I went to Turkey on holiday. I’ve never had so much male attention in my life. It was funny at first, but after a few days it was starting to drive me crazy so I dyed it back to brown! 

    Place you’d love to visit?

    A friend of mine was in Hawaii recently and after seeing her photos on Facebook I really want to go there. It looks so amazingly beautiful.

    Three random facts about you that your readers don’t know?

    I’m half Welsh, I have three sisters and I’m a morris dancer. 

    Where do you write? (dining table, office, sofa, coffee shop etc)

    Usually at the kitchen table on my laptop. It’s the warmest room in the house in the winter, and in the summer I can open the patio doors onto the garden.  Plus it’s close to the kettle—I’m fuelled by tea. 

    From what/where do you find inspiration?

    Most of my stories come from a ‘what if’ – so thinking about characters and a situation and what might come out of that. The idea for Nothing Serious came when I was stuck in traffic behind a removals lorry. I got to thinking about how a removal man could meet a guy who was moving house, and that eventually led to Jamie and Mark’s story. 

    Favourite book of all time?

    I’m very fickle, I couldn’t possible choose just one favourite book. I have loved loads of books at different times and for different reasons. It really depends what mood I’m in too.

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the one book I might have re-read more than any other is Riders by Jilly Cooper. I loved it as a teen (because it was so smutty obviously) and it became my go to book in my twenties when I was tired/fed up/depressed because trashy novels cheer me up and are cheaper than therapy. I think if I read it now though, I’d be really disappointed by the lack of gay relationships in it. I’d probably end up shipping Rupert and Billy and want to write fic about them. 

    What’s next for you?  Any current WIP’s we should know about?

    My second release is following shortly after Nothing Serious. The Little Things is due out on 22nd November and then Not Just Friends is out in the spring.

    I’m currently battling with a WIP that’s tentatively titled Connections, but it’s fairly early days for that so I’m not entirely sure whether it’s going to work out yet or not. I hope so, because I love the characters already. 

    Tell us about your new release?

    Nothing Serious cover low res

    Mark O’Brien is finally being honest with himself. His relationship with Rachel is over and he’s moving out of the home they’ve shared for six years. They get along, but he can’t fix a relationship when the person he’s with is the wrong gender.

    Jamie Robertson, one of the removal men, is huge and ridiculously gorgeous, and Mark is smitten at first sight. When a cardboard box splits, revealing items of a personal nature that Mark never wanted anybody to see, he’s mortified. But it sparks the start of a beautiful friendship with benefits.

    As Jamie initiates Mark into the joys of gay sex, the two men get increasingly close and “nothing serious” turns into something rather important to both of them. But communication isn’t their strong point. Will either man ever find the courage to be honest about his feelings?

    Nothing Serious is available at Dreamspinner Press   <— click on link 🙂

    Jay lives just outside Bristol in the West of England, with her amazing, occasionally ridiculous husband, two noisy-but-awesome children, and two cats. She comes from a family of writers, but she always used to believe that the gene for fiction writing had passed her by. She spent years only ever writing emails, articles, or website content. One day, she decided to try and write a short story–just to see if she could–and found it rather addictive. She hasn’t stopped writing since.





    Jay’s books:


  • HC Brown Guest Interview!

    Five minutes with HC Brown

    Tell us about you.

    H.C. Brown is a multi published, best selling, award winning, author of Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, BDSM, Time Travel, Action Adventure, and Contemporary Romance. In 2011 she was delighted to received nomination in three categories in the 2011 CAPA Awards: Favorite Author, Best GLBT Romance and Best Science Fiction Romance. H.C writes about strong alpha males in complex settings and all her stories have happy endings. 

    When did you start writing?

    At about five years old, I wrote my first story and illustrated it too. I was first published in 2004.

    What do you love about writing?

    The freedom to go wherever I like, and stay for as long as I want.

    Biggest pet peeve about writing?

    Submissions. I hate the wait it drives me crazy.

    Most hated word in the English language?


    Best advice you’ve ever been told?

    Never give up.

    Biggest regret?

    Eating chocolate 🙂

    Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

    Go to a gay BDSM club 😉  Not easy for a straight grandmother LOL.

    Place you’d love to visit?

    New York Museum.

    Most famous person you’ve ever met?

    One of them, I’ve met a lot but the one I enjoyed meeting most was Alice Cooper and I still have the photographs.

    Three random facts about you that your readers don’t know?

    I’m an International All Breeds Cat Judge.

    I write in three different pen names.

    I hate people swearing around me, I find it disrespectful.

    From what/where do you find inspiration?

    Life, music and people.

    Favourite book of all time?

    Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

    What’s next for you?  Any current WIP’s we should know about?

    I’m currently writing a historical( Georgian) romance and  a new M/M BDSM series called Club Whips….a spin off from my Club Floggers Series.

    Tell us about your new release?

     A Tryst in Time by H.C. Brown

    buy link:

    A Tryst in Time SMALL


    After inheriting a Georgian house in London, Zack Daniels, millionaire art dealer, becomes obsessed with a portrait of the home’s former owner, Lord Alexander Swift. One evening, Zack decides to explore the old house and on entering, the once bricked up cellar finds himself hurled back in time to 1775 and comes face to face with the sweet man of his dreams. The attraction is immediate, and they fall quickly into a whirlwind of erotic delights. Nothing runs smoothly for the tall, muscular, tanned American. Out of place in Alexander’s delicate, refined world, he needs to find his way back to the future – and convince Alexander to go with him. Mistaken for a debtor, beaten, and kidnapped, he must escape and return to Alexander before time runs out. –



    Bewildered, Zack followed the ‘ghost’ up the steps and into the hallway. He glanced around. 1775? Oh my God. This place did not resemble the house he had painstakingly restored. He gazed at the walls, sooty from candles, and noticed the carpet under his feet showed signs of wear. He followed Alexander through the dark house and up two flights of stairs to the main bedchamber, the room he had chosen for his bedroom. A four-poster bed sat in the middle of the room with heavy blue velvet curtains all around. A delightful writing desk and chair, definitely one of Chippendale’s finest, sat against one wall, and a single armchair stood beside the hearth. Fighting the temptation to examine the interesting objects on the desk, Zack pushed his hands into the back pockets of his jeans. Soft yellow light fell from a silver candelabrum on the mantel and reflected in a pair of magnificently crafted, glossy side tables. “In my time this is my room, although my bed is Victorian.”

    “Victorian?” Alexander removed his coat and waistcoat and then unbuttoned his shirt. “I do not know a craftsman of that name. Is he English?” He smiled. “Come now, David, do stop this foolery. It is a fine jest, but the night is short.”

    Zack shook his head, exasperated. “I’m not Fitzhugh. Look at the initials on my ring. ZD. Zack Daniels.” He thrust his signet ring under Alexander’s nose. “This ring has been in my family for generations.” He rolled up the sleeve of his black, cashmere turtleneck and pointed to his Rolex. “Will this convince you?” With a smile, he pulled out his lighter and clicked it until a flame burst into life. “Or this?” Zack slid his zipper down and then up. “Have you ever seen a zipper before?” He caught Alexander’s panicky gaze. “It’s true, I’m from the future, and I’m guessing your cellar is some type of time portal.”

    Alexander’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and the vein in the side of his neck throbbed. He gripped the back of the chair; his face had drained of color, and he swayed unsteadily.

    Oh, hell. Zack cleared his throat. He hadn’t meant to frighten His Lordship into having a stroke or something. Here’s the man I’ve fantasized over for the past year, and I’ve scared him out of his wits. He softened his tone, holding his hands out to the side, palms up. “Hey, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to come on so strong. Look, sit down, and we’ll talk.” He smiled. “This is a bit of a shock for me too.”

    “You look so … so like David. Have you come to murder me?” Alexander dropped into the chair and gazed at Zack. “Or do you want money? I do not come into my fortune until Wednesday, but I have a few crowns in the house. Or do you plan to throw me to the mercy of the anti-sodomites?”

    Zack took in the man before him. Alexander stood about five feet eight, with narrow shoulders and hips. Blond, wavy hair framed effeminate features and a soft, sweet, vulnerable expression. The young lord looked so damn sexy in his tight breeches and stockings. “Hell no, man. If you knew how much I’ve thought about you this past year. We have a connection—” Zack touched his chest, “—in here—as if we were meant to be together. I bought a portrait of you today. I’m gonna hang it at the top of the stairs.”

    My painting? West has yet to finish it. How could you purchase an unfinished portrait without my permission?”

    Zack smiled. “What I’ve said is true … I’m from the future. I inherited this house almost a year ago and have restored it. Your painting, in my time, is over two hundred years old.” He rubbed his chin. “To be honest, the thought of being in your time scares the hell out of me. I could easily be stuck here and not able to return home.”

    “Although you act like a madman, I admit I have never laid eyes on any of the devices you’ve shown me … nor have I heard your unusual speech, and your attire is most strange.” Alexander met Zack’s gaze. “If what you say is true, there is only one way to proceed. We must take this one step at a time.” Alexander gripped the arms of the chair. “Let me begin. Why did you purchase my painting? What significance does my portrait have to you?”

    Zack leaned against the mantle and gazed into Alexander’s deep blue eyes. Before him sat the living, breathing man whose sweet face he had come to know in intimate detail. Those same delicate features and that heart-tearing gaze intensified in the reality before him. “The moment you stared out at me from a catalog of a private art collection, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. You looked so lost, so troubled. I wanted to return you home. It took me almost a year to persuade the owners of your portrait to put the painting up for auction.” He sighed. “I know about the letters between you and Fitzhugh. In fact, I feel as if I’ve known you forever.” He raked a hand through his hair. “Look, for some reason, I think I’ve been sent back in time to help you. Don’t ask me why or how. Hell, I thought you were a ghost.”

    “The letters—you know about the letters? That was months ago. I haven’t written since David told me he planned to go to the Americas.” Alexander rubbed his temple in slow circles. “Then I am undone.” He reached for a crystal-cut decanter and with trembling fingers, poured a glass of amber liquid. “Your words may be filled with ambrosia, but the subtle poison is there. I did not know the anti-sodomites would go to such lengths to achieve their ends.” He lifted his chin and glared at Zack. “Do you intend to help me to the gallows, Mr. Daniels? Or perhaps you would offer me the decency of taking my own life?”

    Zack crouched before Alexander. “You have it all wrong. I’m not here to hurt you. Damn it, man, just meeting you in the flesh—hell, don’t you understand? I fell in love with a damn painting of a man who has been dead for over two hundred years! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it does to me too. This kind of thing doesn’t happen to sane people and neither does traveling back in time. To be honest, I’m starting to question my own sanity right now.”

    “Sane or not, you know I am a sodomite. So what is your purpose, Mr. Daniels— blackmail?”


    Where can we find you?

    Web site


    Twitter: @HCBrownauthor,

    Join her fan group

    A Tryst in Time SMALL

  • Posy Roberts has SPARK!


    I’m very honoured to welcome the very lovely and equally talented Posy Roberts to my blog today!!  

    Tell us about you! Who is Posy Roberts?

    I’m a curious learner who is constantly looking things up. I’m also a mom, wife, and teacher. I play the piano, trumpet, French horn, recorder (who doesn’t?), and at seventeen years old I wanted to be an opera singer more than anything. Then I saw how much competition there was, so I quickly decided against that career and figured being a therapist would fit better.

    When did you start writing?

    How do you write? (office, dining table, music playing, tv on, silence, middle of the night, early morning?)
    When I first got serious about writing in 2009, I wrote on my laptop in my bed, and I’d write for so long that the battery left burns on my leg. Now, most of my writing is done at my desk, but my latest toy, my iPad, allows me to write anywhere. I write best after my daughter is asleep, before she wakes up, and when she’s in school. Coffee is often an essential part of my writing experience as well.

    What genre do you read?

    I enjoy reading fantasy, some sci-fi, non-fiction, factoid books, and m/m fiction. Romance never was a draw for me until I discovered m/m, but after that, I was hooked.

    Why m/m?

    Probably because of the reasons I avoided m/f romance: I hated how weak the women were portrayed. In m/m romance, I didn’t find that gender related built-in power dynamic unless the men chose to hand over their power. As a writer, being able to play with that power or choosing to not play with it, is wonderful. Plus, my easy answer is, I love it when two men get it on and bring each other to their knees.

    Who or what inspires you to write?

    Nature, people watching, everyday experiences, and those extraordinary experiences that many people avoid talking about.

    If you didn’t write, what would you do?

    I’d probably crochet, knit, paint, or tackle some other creative venture. Or I’d just get lost online.

    Tell us about Spark. Where did that story idea come from?

    Spark is a story about second chances at love. Hugo Thorson and Kevin Magnus fall in love as teens and as college often does, it gets in the way of that love. They both go on to live very different lives. When they are both in their mid-thirties, they meet at a random party at the lake and decide to take a chance on love again, even though their lives are much more complicated now.

    Who do the characters resemble? Where did the inspiration for them come from?

    I was lucky enough to get to fall in love with these men at two different time periods so they also have two very different looks. As a teen, Hugo has short hair while Kevin has long golden waves. As adults, Hugo has long dark hair and Kevin has a much more business appropriate cut.

    Kevin     Hugo

    These pics were just a jumping off point. I don’t own any of these images, but adult Hugo is model Miles McMillan and young Kevin is model/actor Travis Fimmel. Put a decade and blue eyes on Miles and you’ve got Hugo. I don’t know the credits for adult Kevin or teen Hugo, but if anyone knows, I’d love to be told who these men are. 

    And the amazing cover?

    Anne Cain is the great cover artist. She took my ramblings about the golden spiral and created something beautiful!

    Spark cover

    Blurb for Spark

    In their small-town high school, Hugo and Kevin became closeted lovers who kept their secret even from parents. Hugo didn’t want to disappoint his terminally ill father, and Kevin’s controlling father would never tolerate a bisexual son. When college took them in different directions, they promised to reunite, but that didn’t happen for seventeen years.
    By the time they meet again, Hugo has become an out-and-proud actor and director who occasionally performs in drag—a secret that has cost him in past relationships. Kevin, still closeted, has followed his father’s path and now, in the shadow of divorce, is striving to be a better father to his own children.
    When Hugo and Kevin meet by chance at a party, the spark of attraction reignites, as does their genuine friendship. Rekindling a romance may mean Hugo must compromise the openness he values, but Kevin will need a patient partner as he adapts to living outside the closet. With such different lifestyles, the odds seem stacked against them, and Hugo fears that if his secret comes to light, it may drive Kevin away completely.

    Excerpt from Chapter 4 of Spark. You can read Chapter 1 here.

    Kevin laughed deep and warm in his chest and stopped walking, pulling Hugo to a stop with him. “God, Hugo. I missed you. You always did know what to say to make me feel better. How the heck did we ever lose track of each other after everything we discovered together?”
    Hugo shrugged, not knowing how to answer after their gradual drift from talking on a regular basis during their first month in college to nothing by the time winter break came. Hugo’s mom and sister had moved to the Twin Cities mere months after Hugo left for college, and that certainly hadn’t helped matters. But it was more, he realized.
    “We just had different lives, I think,” Hugo said with a shrug. “We went our separate ways after I said good-bye to you in your driveway.”
    “I still regret not kissing you that day. I should have just said ‘screw it’ and kissed you like I wanted to, even if my dad was right there.”
    Hugo looked up the few inches to meet Kevin’s gray eyes and tried to smile, but it probably came across more as sadness than a smile. He couldn’t believe Kevin still thought of that day too. He wondered if Kevin’s mind ever drifted to the kiss in the wooded meadow when he was bored in a meeting or like Hugo’s had that very afternoon in the car. Slowly, he felt the corner of his mouth turn into something akin to flirty, and he asked, “Oh?”
    “Yes,” Kevin said as his warm thumb trailed across Hugo’s jaw toward his chin. “I’ve thought about that day a lot, about our last kiss and how I wish it never would’ve ended. Damn the rain. Would you mind if I showed you how I’ve always imagined that moment in the driveway would’ve happened? Or are you with someone?”
    “No. I mean, yes, you can show me,” Hugo stammered, his heart beating hard against his chest.
    Kevin’s smile lit up his face, and he looked so young just then, the careworn lines that had appeared between his brows while talking about his father smoothing.
    “Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly like I would have said things back then, but this is how I wish I would’ve done it. Ready?”
    Hugo nodded and licked his lips, drawing Kevin’s attention to his mouth.
    “So pretend we’re standing next to my open trunk,” Kevin directed as he led Hugo near the tail end of a car parked in a driveway close to the roadside. Kevin tilted his head left and right, shaking his hands out loosely next to his body as if trying to get into character.
    “Hugo,” he started, somehow pulling youthful nervousness into his voice, “we should plan on getting together in a few weeks.”
    “Sure,” Hugo answered, ready to play along with the conversation he barely remembered. He recalled the feelings he’d had, though: excitement about leaving Austin but sadness about leaving Kevin. “I can get a ride down to St. Peter, or you can come up to Minneapolis. It’s not that far.”
    That drive never ended up happening for either of them because Hugo auditioned for a play in the U’s theater department and got a lead role as a freshman, something unheard of. He had no time to get together on weekends because he had homework to do and lines to memorize and blocking to learn and sets to help build.
    “Seventy miles or so.”
    That’s where Hugo vaguely remembered Kevin’s dad clapping his big hands and telling Kevin he’d better hit the road. Now there was just the sound of far-off waves and traffic from the highway on the other side of the trees peppered with exploding fireworks.
    “I’d love that,” Hugo said, regretful he hadn’t taken the time to find a ride and just go. “I’ll make it happen,” he promised, and he wished he’d kept it.
    Kevin looked at Hugo with such intensity; even in the darkness surrounding them, Hugo could see how blown Kevin’s pupils were.
    “It’ll happen this time,” Kevin whispered against Hugo’s mouth, lazily closing his eyes as he spoke.
    Hugo tasted Kevin’s breath on his tongue, remembering it, even with the faint scent of lemon lingering. A silvery thread of his memory seemed to actually weave this moment to the moments in his past, pushing Hugo back into that world, filling him with all those emotions he had for Kevin when they were just boys. Kevin was the only man Hugo had really and truly been in love with. He was the ruler every single boyfriend since had to unwittingly measure himself against. And none, not a single one, had ever gotten anywhere near.
    Hugo took in a quick breath and pushed forward, capturing Kevin’s mouth with his own as his fingers threaded through thick blond waves and shorter razor-cut strands; his hands landed on Kevin’s neck. Hugo thumbed over Kevin’s ears, allowing the pads of his fingers to tease the fine hair along his earlobes.
    They fused their mouths, opening and closing with lips caressing, teeth nipping, and tongues pushing against each other in an attempt to taste the familiarity that was new again.
    Kevin trailed his hands down Hugo’s back, kneading his fingers against Hugo’s ass once he got there, then pulling them closer. Hugo felt Kevin starting to firm up beneath the thin material of his shorts, and he wanted so badly to thrust. He barely restrained himself.
    They stood on a darkened road and kissed how they both wished they would have years ago, giving to each other more than they took away. But by doing it that way, Hugo felt more content than he had in years.
    “Come back to my place?” Kevin panted against Hugo’s temple. “Please, Hugh?”
    Hugo nodded as he tried to catch his breath and then nodded again.


    Buy Links

    Where can we find you?





  • Jess Buffett guest post – Come meet Jared Stewart.

    The lovely Jess Buffett stopped by my blog and interviewed her main character, Jared Stewart.
    Hi, Jared. Tell us a bit about yourself:
    I’m a lawyer and I live in my hometown of Newport. I co-own the firm I work at with my dad and our partner Tristan who is engaged to my sister. You know, we like to keep it in the family.*smirks*
    Tell us something not many people know about you:
    Well…people are only just finding out that I’m gay, and how much I love Seth. I wasn’t exactly out in high school, I didn’t have Seth’s courage. But i’m not hiding anymore. And now Seth is home, so it’s time to put up or shut up, you know.
    Why did you wait so long to make your move if you love Seth?
    At first it was fear–fear of rejection, fear of the unknown. Then it was timing. Seth had so many things to deal with, and I did what I could to make things easy for him. He wasn’t ready for me to suddenly come back into his life, so I waited, got my life in order. Now I’m ready.
    What do you dislike the most?
    Being played. I hate people lying and manipulating, especially when it hurts the people I love.
    Favorite music?
    I’m love listening to Maroon 5, probably my favorite group.
    What’s it like to work for your dad?
    *Laughs loudly* Depends on what day you’re asking. The man can love busting my chops, but he’s a great guy. I really love and respect my dad. Richard Stewart is a formidable man who will do anything for his family. He’s a dad that knows what unconditional love means, and a regret ever doubting that.
    Do you believe in true love?
    Yes. Without a doubt. And I know that I have that with Seth…I just have to prove it to him. *smirks* Not that I mind. It’ll be fun convincing him.
    How do you feel about Seth being a dad?
    I love it actually. I’ve only briefly met the kids, but Lucas and Ally are great kids. Seth was always meant to be a dad. I’m sorry it happened the way it did, but I’m crazy about all of them, and can only hope they have enough room for me.
    Which is stronger, love or fear?
    For years I let fear rule me. It’s time for love to have its turn.
    Where can we find out more about you guys?
    Our story comes out May 4th with Silver publishing. By the end of it, Seth will know that he has always been mine.
    Book blurb:
    Seth Hall returns to his hometown for the first time in eleven years. Now a father of two, he vows not to let his past intervene when he sets up a happy, stable life for them. That is, until Jared, the boy who had broken his heart all those years ago, turns up wanting a chance with him.
    Jared Stewart thought he had lost his only chance to be with Seth. When Seth finally comes home, Jared makes it his mission to catch Seth once and for all but unfortunately not everyone wants that to happen.
    Will they be finally able to make a life for themselves together? Or will they be torn apart again, by people they thought they could trust?
    Short author bio:
    Hmmm, what can I say about myself…I was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. I married my highschool sweetheart and we live on the Central Coast with our two children. I am absolutely a hopeless romantic who loves stories about true love that sizzle with a happy ending (which is probably a good thing given what I write). I’m a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be Shifters, Vampires, Cowboys, or the boy next door. I’m a firm believer in soul mates, happily ever afters, and in love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third for the brain to catch up. 
    Author links:
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