Hop Against Homophobia

  • Hop Against Homophobia

    Intolerance of any kind really irks me.  Not just homophobia, but racism, sexism, religious discrimination and even people who hate on other people for the types of books they like, the movies they watch, the music they listen to, or the people they admire.

    To me, hate will always be hate, no matter how poorly it’s disguised. Using religious or moral beliefs isn’t a reason for homophobia.  It’s an excuse.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t see the difference…

    Love is love…

    It’s no secret that I wrote Fanfiction prior to writing Original Fiction. I wrote both het and m/m stories, and received a lot reviews from readers who loved my stories.

    There is one review that has stayed with me…

    This particular reader reviewed to tell me she’d read my het stories, and unknowingly stumbled into one of my m/m stories.  But she kept on reading, and she told me how gay people from her generation were quite often shunned and/or lived in denial.  This reader then told me she was 71 years old, and how she’d never thought of two men being in love before, how it was love like any other, and she could see that now. 

    And then she thanked me for opening her eyes to it.  

    And when there were days I wondered why I bothered writing at all, I’d think of this review, and how maybe, just maybe, if I changed one person’s view on love, then it was all worthwhile.

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