• Good Morning Monday! November = Nano = New Book, New Characters!

    Well, November came around awfully quickly, didn’t it? I’m not sure when/how that happened, but wow, we’re now in the countdown for Christmas… o.O So I’m doing the Nano thing – which is short for Nanowrimo, which is short for National November Writing Month. It’s a world-wide writing group that aims for each person to write 50K in the month of November. I can usually write that in a month anyway, but by the end of the year, I find the kick in the pants helps with my focus. If you’ve joined Nano and want to buddy up, you can find me HERE. And I’ve started a new story! Tentatively…

  • NaNo is on!!

    I’m doing Nano!!!I don’t exactly have the time, and I fear failing miserably – and publically – but I’m doing it anyway.I figured I’d be writing all of November regardless, and thought I may as well tackle Nano. My intention is to write, and hopefully complete, Point of No Return II.  Keep your fingers crossed I can get Matt and Kira’s story done 🙂