US Trip

  • Good Morning Monday and what a bloody week it was!

    OMG this week… So busy, but productive, thank God! What I got done this week:

    • Wrote 16,000 words to finish the first draft of On Davis Row 🙂
    • Wrote the blurb for On Davis Row (I swear, the 92K word story was easier lol)
    • Completed edits on 82,000 words for the re-release of Breaking Point (Oct 27th)
    • Organised/ordered 96 paperback pre-order books to be delivered to Denver
    • The Weight Of It All was released on Audio
    • Negotiated a contract for all FOUR Spencer Cohen books to be done in Audio
    • Imagines and Perfect Catch came off KU and went to other retailers
    • Set up a CafePress store!

    Not to mention the real life/mum things I’ve been doing all week. My kids go back to school this week, so I’ll have some free hours to get everything ready for my big trip to America next week!

    Speaking of my trip, I leave home early early next Monday morning (16th) so there’s a very good chance there will be NO post from me next week. And the following Monday, I’ll be in Denver, travelling back to LA, ready to fly home at midnight. So there might not be a post from me for the next two weeks. I’ll be sure to make up for it though with lots of pics when I return.

    I’m so excited to meeting up with everyone again, and meeting new faces! I can’t wait!!

    For those who may have missed previous posts, this is the gorgeous cover for On Davis Row. I can’t share the blurb yet because it’s unedited. Release date should be late November 🙂

    I can’t remember if I’ve shared with you the new cover for Breaking Point… The very talented Reese Dante made the three covers for the re-releases. Due to be out on October 27th, Breaking Point has been re-edited and tidied but no new content has been added.

    Be sure to grab POINT OF NO RETURN (book 1 in the Turning Point Series) while it’s still on special for just 99c!

    The audio of The Weight of it All was released this week to RAVE reviews! I’m so thrilled people are enjoying Henry and Reed’s story in audio as much as the book, and the wonderful narrator, Joel Leslie, really brings Henry to life.

    You can find it at Audible HERE

    Tantor Audio have requested all FOUR Spencer Cohen books!!  I’m beyond stoked for these boys to go to audio, especially Yanni’s Story, which I’d never have been able to afford to self-pub into audio because of its length. No dates yet, but I’m imagining they’ll be spread out over next year! Stay tuned for more details.

    All my books will be coming out of Kindle Unlimited for now. If and/or when I decide to put them back remains to be seen. They probably will but I’m happy for them to go wide at the time being. (New releases will be in KU and Spencer Cohen 1 has two more months).

    Imagines is the next title to be released wide.

    You can now find Imagines at:



    And I’ll share the links to B&N and iBooks when they become available.

    Perfect Catch is also going wide!

    You can find it at Smashwords and Payhip!

    Other retail sites to follow asap!

    And my new swag store is now at Cafe Press!! There are lots of new and fun products, so be sure to check them out!

    So that’s all my news this week! This week will be busy with travel plans and getting packed and organised. I have some real life things to take care of this week before I leave, so I doubt there’ll be any writing, maybe some tweaking of drafts etc, but that’s about it.

    Until then… <3

  • Good Morning Monday – Vegas Style

    Good Morning Monday pic

    Hello from Las Vegas!  It’s not quite Monday here in the US, but this post is late, according to Sydney time, so here it is, my first US post!

    After a long and somewhat hellish trip, we finally made it!!  We left for Sydney airport at 7am Saturday 17th, flew out at 10:30am, the flight was 14 hours, on which the food made me ill.  We arrived in LA at 7am Saturday 17th (weird, huh? lol)  then went through customs etc and left LAX for Las Vegas at 9am.  Arrived and checked into the hotel by 12:30.  Then, approx. 30 hours without sleep, two bouts of vomiting and three migraine medication doses later, I slept like the dead.

    We woke up this morning all set for our first day. And after a full day of shopping and walking and experiencing The Strip, I can say Vegas is pretty damn cool.

    My kids love it. My husband, who is doing some international recognised gaming course which includes tours of casinos, loves it too. The weather today was a fabulous 99F today, the a dry, baking heat is just like home!  Most people we saw were walking the streets and casinos, half dressed and half (or mostly) drunk, but it’s a party town on the weekend, so I get it. It’s part of the deal, and I can appreciate that people come here to let their hair down.  But everyone’s been super friendly, and very helpful 🙂

    I will say this though. Iced coffees at Starbucks are NOT what we get at home.  I drank it anyway, but it wasn’t good LOL.  And not only do y’all drive on the wrong side of the road, but it also means foot traffic stick to the right, where we instinctively go to the left.  Even escalators are on the wrong side! It’s a left side/right side thing, and that is a habit hard to break.  I’m sure we’ll get used to it, it’s just one of the main differences I’ve noticed on our first day.  🙂

    In book related news, The Weight Of It All has done fantastically well.  Six days after release, Henry and Reed are still NUMBER ONE in SIX countries, and #3 in two more countries!!!  And, not only that, but it peaked at #64 in all of the Kindle Store, which is AWESOME! And my Author Rank went to #30 in General Fiction.

    These might just sound like a bunch of random numbers, but I can tell you these figures are impressive, and I am in awe of how incredible my readers are. The love and support for this book has been HUGE, and I am so grateful for each and every person who has bought, read, reviewed, pimped, liked, and posted about this story.

    Please know, I could never write the books I do without you.

    I really do appreciate everything you guys do.  Truly.  And it just reinforces something I’ve been saying for years: I’ve got the best readers on the planet.

    So, I will still be in Vegas next Monday and should be able to post, but after that I will be in transit somewhere between New York City and Montreal, so I might miss a post or two but I will always try. I’ll also try and upload some more pics for you all.  These aren’t too exciting LOL I have to get used to the idea of actually putting myself in the photos to share. Will try again tomorrow 😉

    On our walk this morning
    Las Vegas shopping centres are very different to ours back home LOL
    Caesar’s Palace is one of my favourite places!
    The view from our room at sunset. Faces away from The Strip, but still pretty.

    Until next time…